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 • press release Studying grassland from space
UFZ researchers develop a method with which they can utilise satellite data and artificial intelligence to determine the land-use intensity of meadows and pastures
 • press release Healthy development thanks to older siblings
If expectant mothers are exposed to stress their child can develop behavioural problems - but this is less often the case for children with siblings
 • press release Loops for micro-organisms
A UFZ team develops a method of cultivating microbial communities in a permanently stable manner

Graduate School HIGRADE: Profile of the day

profile_photo_Jaya Upadhyay
Jaya Upadhyay (India)
Department Community Ecology
Research topic:

Forest communities across natural and anthropogenic gradients in Eastern Himalayas. My research focuses on understanding - how natural and human factors (e.g. forest types, elevation) in Neora Valley National Park influence diversity and composition of woody plants, birds and soil biota and the values of other ecosystem services.

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29.06.2022 - 30.06.2022 | conference
1. KAHR Wissenschaftskonferenz is online

KAHR = KlimaAnpassung - Hochwasser - Resilienz

01.07.2022 18:00 - 23:59 | popular science event | Halle
Science Night Halle

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