Andreas Huth

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Department of Ecological Modelling
Helmholtz Centre for
Environmental Research - UFZ
P.O. Box 500 136
D - 04301 Leipzig, Germany
Phone: +49 341 235 1719
Fax: + 49 341 235 1473

Research interest:

  • Dynamics of forests including disturbances (temperate and tropical forests, logging, fragmentation, drought..., forest models FORMIND and FORMIX3)
  • Individual based modelling of complex ecosystems, modelling of biodiversity
  • Carbon balances of forest ecosystems
  • Remote sensing of forest states and dynamics, up-scaling of vegetation dynamics
  • Physiological processes in vegetation ecosystems (process based models)
  • Ecological impacts of bioenergy production, species-rich bioenergy systems
  • "How to model it?": strategies of modelling in biology, inverse modelling, sensitivity analysis
  • Understanding self-organization in biological systems using individual based models (e.g. fish schools)

Research Group

Claudia Dislich
Alvaro Gutierrez
Franziska Taubert
Florian Hartig
Anne Püschel
Friedrich Angermüller
Rico Fischer
Jeroen Everaars
Markus Schumacher
Martin Kazmierczak

WALD huth


Joint SESYNC-UFZ-sDiv Call for Synthesis Proposals on “Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services”

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