Andreas Huth


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Huth
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department of Ecological Modelling

Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 235-1719
Fax: +49 341 235-1473    

Sylvia Ecogod


  • Dynamics of forests including disturbances (temperate and tropical forests, logging, fragmentation, drought..., forest models FORMIND and FORMIX3)
  • Individual based modelling of complex ecosystems, modelling of biodiversity
  • Carbon balances of vegetation
  • Remote sensing, linking remote sensing and ecological modelling
  • Physiological processes in vegetation ecosystems (process based models)
  • Ecological impacts of bioenergy production, species-rich bioenergy systems
  • "How to model it?": strategies of modelling in biology, inverse modelling, sensitivity analysis
  • Self-organization in biological systems (e.g. fish schools)
  • ... 

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Latest publications:

  • Knapp, N., Fischer, R., Huth, A., (2018):
    Linking lidar and forest modeling to assess biomass estimation across scales and disturbance states
    Remote Sens. Environ. 205 , 199 - 209
    full text (url)
  • Shugart, H.H., Wang, B., Fischer, R., Ma, J., Fang, J., Yan, X., Huth, A., Armstrong, A.H., (2018):
    Gap models and their individual-based relatives in the assessment of the consequences of global change
    Environ. Res. Lett. 13 (3), art. 033001
    full text (url)
  • Taubert, F., Fischer, R., Groeneveld, J., Lehmann, S., Müller, M.S., Rödig, E., Wiegand, T., Huth, A., (2018):
    Global patterns of tropical forest fragmentation
    Nature 554 , 519 - 522
    full text (url)
  • Bohn, F.J., Huth, A., (2017):
    The importance of forest structure to biodiversity–productivity relationships
    R. Soc. Open Sci. 4 , art. 160521
    full text (url)
  • Brinck, K., Fischer, R., Groeneveld, J., Lehmann, S., Dantas de Paula, M., Pütz, S., Sexton, J.O., Song, D., Huth, A., (2017):
    High resolution analysis of tropical forest fragmentation and its impact on the global carbon cycle
    Nat. Commun. 8 , art. 14855
    full text (url)
  • Cord, A.F., Brauman, K.A., Chaplin-Kramer, R., Huth, A., Ziv, G., Seppelt, R., (2017):
    Priorities to advance monitoring of ecosystem services using Earth observation
    Trends Ecol. Evol. 32 (6), 416 - 428
    full text (url)
  • Drusch, M., Moreno, J., Del Bello, U., Franco, R., Goulas, Y., Huth, A., Kraft, S., Middleton, E.M., Miglietta, F., Mohammed, G., Nedbal, L., Rascher, U., Schüttemeyer, D., Verhoef, W., (2017):
    The FLuorescence EXplorer mission concept—ESA’s Earth Explorer 8
    IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing 55 (3), 1273 - 1284
    full text (url)
  • Getzin, S., Fischer, R., Knapp, N., Huth, A., (2017):
    Using airborne LiDAR to assess spatial heterogeneity in forest structure on Mount Kilimanjaro
    Landsc. Ecol. 32 (9), 1881 - 1894
    full text (url)
  • Paulick, S., Dislich, C., Homeier, J., Fischer, R., Huth, A., (2017):
    The carbon fluxes in different successional stages: modelling the dynamics of tropical montane forests in South Ecuador
    Forest Ecosystems 4 , art. 5
    full text (url)
  • Rödig, E., Cuntz, M., Heinke, J., Rammig, A., Huth, A., (2017):
    Spatial heterogeneity of biomass and forest structure of the Amazon rain forest: Linking remote sensing, forest modelling and field inventory
    Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 26 (11), 1292 - 1302
    full text (url)
  • Rödig, E., Huth, A., Bohn, F., Rebmann, C., Cuntz, M., (2017):
    Estimating the carbon fluxes of forests with an individual-based forest model
    Forest Ecosystems 4 , art. 4
    full text (url)
  • Wiegand, T., May, F., Kazmierczak, M., Huth, A., (2017):
    What drives the spatial distribution and dynamics of local species richness in tropical forest?
    Proc. R. Soc. B-Biol. Sci. 284 (1863), art. 20171503
    full text (url)
  • Dantas de Paula, M., Groeneveld, J., Huth, A., (2016):
    The extent of edge effects in fragmented landscapes: Insights from satellite measurements of tree cover
    Ecol. Indic. 69 , 196 - 204
    full text (url)
  • Fischer, R., Bohn, F., Dantas de Paula, M., Dislich, C., Groeneveld, J., Gutiérrez, A.G., Kazmierczak, M., Knapp, N., Lehmann, S., Paulick, S., Pütz, S., Rödig, E., Taubert, F., Köhler, P., Huth, A., (2016):
    Lessons learned from applying a forest gap model to understand ecosystem and carbon dynamics of complex tropical forests
    Ecol. Model. 326 , 124 - 133
    full text (url)
  • Hiltner, U., Bräuning, A., Gebrekirstos, A., Huth, A., Fischer, R., (2016):
    Impacts of precipitation variability on the dynamics of a dry tropical montane forest
    Ecol. Model. 320 , 92 - 101
    full text (url)
  • Kazmierczak, M., Backmann, P., Fedriani, J.M., Fischer, R., Hartmann, A.K., Huth, A., May, F., Müller, M.S., Taubert, F., Grimm, V., Groeneveld, J., (2016):
    Monodominance in tropical forests: modelling reveals emerging clusters and phase transitions
    J. R. Soc. Interface 13 (117), art. 0123
    full text (url)
  • May, F., Wiegand, T., Lehmann, S., Huth, A., (2016):
    Do abundance distributions and species aggregation correctly predict macroecological biodiversity patterns in tropical forests?
    Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 25 (5), 575 - 585
    full text (url)
  • Moreno, J.F., Goulas, Y., Huth, A., Middleton, E., Miglietta, F., Mohammed, G., Nedbal, L., Rascher, U., Verhoef, W., Drusch, M., (2016):
    Very high spectral resolution imaging spectroscopy: The Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) mission
    2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 10-15 July 2016, Beijing, China
    IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, p. 264 - 267
    full text (url)
  • Urban, M.C., Bocedi, G., Hendry, A.P., Mihoub, J.-B., Pe'er, G., Singer, A., Bridle, J.R., Crozier, L.G., De Meester, L., Godsoe, W., Gonzalez, A., Hellmann, J.J., Holt, R.D., Huth, A., Johst, K., Krug, C.B., Leadley, P.W., Palmer, S.C.F., Pantel, J.H., Schmitz, A., Zollner, P.A., Travis, J.M.J., (2016):
    Improving the forecast for biodiversity under climate change
    Science 353 (6304), aad8466-1 - aad8466-9
    full text (url)
  • Dantas de Paula, M., Groeneveld, J., Huth, A., (2015):
    Tropical forest degradation and recovery in fragmented landscapes — Simulating changes in tree community, forest hydrology and carbon balance
    Global Ecology and Conservation 3 , 664 - 677
    full text (url)
  • Fischer, R., Ensslin, A., Rutten, G., Fischer, M., Schellenberger Costa, D., Kleyer, M., Hemp, A., Paulick, S., Huth, A., (2015):
    Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of an African tropical montane forest with an individual-based forest model
    PLOS One 10 (4), e0123300
    full text (url)
  • Kazmierczak, M., Johst, K., Huth, A., (2015):
    Conservatives and Gamblers: Interpreting plant functional response to water stress in terms of a single indicator
    Ideas Ecol. Evol. 8 (1), 29 - 41
    full text (url)
  • Lehmann, S., Huth, A., (2015):
    Fast calibration of a dynamic vegetation model with minimum observation data
    Ecol. Model. 301 , 98 - 105
    full text (url)
  • May, F., Huth, A., Wiegand, T., (2015):
    Moving beyond abundance distributions: neutral theory and spatial patterns in a tropical forest
    Proc. R. Soc. B-Biol. Sci. 282 (1802), art. 20141657
    full text (url)
  • Punchi-Manage, R., Wiegand, T., Wiegand, K., Getzin, S., Huth, A., Gunatilleke, C.V.S., Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N., (2015):
    Neighborhood diversity of large trees shows independent species patterns in a mixed dipterocarp forest in Sri Lanka
    Ecology 96 (7), 1823 - 1834
    full text (url)
  • Shugart, H.H., Asner, G.P., Fischer, R., Huth, A., Knapp, N., Le Toan, T., Shuman, J.K., (2015):
    Computer and remote-sensing infrastructure to enhance large-scale testing of individual-based forest models
    Front. Ecol. Environ. 13 (9), 503 - 511
    full text (url)
  • Taubert, F., Jahn, M.W., Dobner, H.-J., Wiegand, T., Huth, A., (2015):
    The structure of tropical forests and sphere packings
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112 (49), 15125 - 15129
    full text (url)

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