Figure: Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems. Source: MOSES / UFZ

MOSES (Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems)

MOSES was designed as a complement to long-term observatories for investigating the evolution and impacts of highly dynamic, often extreme events. By quantifying energy, water, nutrient, and greenhouse gas fluxes during short-term events such as weather extremes, abrupt permafrost thaw, or rapidly changing ocean currents, the system provides data to study immediate as well as potential long-term environmental impacts. Headed by the UFZ, MOSES is operated as a distributed infrastructure and its component measuring systems are managed by the participating Helmholtz research centers. Since 2022 the system is fully operational and has since then been used regularly in observation campaigns at national and international level.


  • Event-oriented observation campaigns with partners from research and practice
  • Cross-scale and cross-compartment observation approach
  • Sensor systems with high spatial and temporal resolution
  • Provision of comprehensive datasets on event evolution and impacts
  • Support of meteorological and hydrological forecast models incl. data assimilation

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