Water ressources informationsystem Germany (WIS-D)

Project runtime: 02/2021-01/2025

Project management: Dr. Andreas Marx

Especially in times of climate change and the increase of extreme events, the provision of robust water balance information is extremely important in order to be able to react to crises (e.g. droughts) as well as to make provisions (e.g. future investments and climate adaptation). This leads to the necessity of developing a national water information system WIS-D with the components monitoring-prediction-climate impacts. In extreme situations (e.g. extreme drought, falling groundwater levels, low flows), a sound basis for the actions of companies and authorities in the water sector is provided. Such an information system is intended to make available the daily updated status of water availability on the land surface, in the soil at various depths, in groundwater and in surface waters with high spatial and temporal resolution in operational operations in order to support short-term management. In addition, WIS-D will contain a sub-seasonal forecast component as well as long-term climate impacts from the Helmholtz climate initiative HI-CAM, among others.

Prominent practice partners will ensure the usefulness and applicability of WIS-D.