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TUESDAY 7th June 2022

Stefan Klotz (UFZ Halle), Ralf Seppelt (UFZ Leipzig)
Simulating climate change in drylands: Amount and variability of precipitation
Osvaldo Sala (Arizona State University, USA)
10:30 Coffee break
T4: Context dependencies and interactions among drivers
Chairperson: Alexandra Weigelt (Leipzig University)
T2: Climate change impacts
Chairperson: François Buscot (UFZ Halle)
11:00 The heterogeneity–diversity–system performance nexus
Nico Eisenhauer (Leipzig University / iDiv)
AnaEE: the European research infrastructure for experimentation on ecosystems
Michel Boer¹; Karel Klem²; Klaus Steenberg Larsen³; Marcello Donatelli⁴ (¹ AnaEE ERIC; ²CzechGlobe; ³ University of Copenhagen; ⁴ CREA)
11:20 Joint impacts of climate and predation on multitrophic interactions and ecosystem functioning
Malte Jochum; Merlin Helle; Ines Laude; Benjamin Bischoff; Helge Bruelheide; Julia Tiede; Nico Eisenhauer (Leipzig University / iDiv)
Unearthing the mechanisms behind soil carbon sequestration
Luiz Domeignoz-Horta; Seraina Cappelli; Anna-Liisa Laine (University of Zurich)
11:40 Varying responses of flowering phenology and functional traits to future climate on meadows versus pastures
Carolin Plos¹; Christine Römermann²; Isabell Hensen¹ (¹Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg; ² Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Long-term crop and flux data from SoilCan lysimeters at Dedelow, Uckermark
Horst H. Gerke¹; Jannis Groh; Thomas Pütz; Michael Sommer (¹ ZALF)
12:00 Historical context modifies plant diversity‒community productivity relationships in alpine grassland
Shan Luo
Climate impacts on metal bioavailability in agricultural phytoremediation systems
Natalia Sánchez; Carolina Vergara Cid; Sören Drabesch; Mika Tarkka; Marie Muehe¹ (¹UFZ)
12:20 The multitrophic processes are shaped by mycorrhizas and tree diversity
Huimin Yi
Strategies to mitigate municipal waste and greenhouse gas emissions in kira municipality in Wakiso District.
Haruna Lubega¹; Evelyne Ivy Kabasuga¹; Faridah Nakanwagi² (¹ KISANA; ² Makarere University, Uganda)
12:40 Lunch break
The Power of Experimental Macroecology in Disentangling Global Change Impacts on Plants, Vegetation, & Ecosystems
Vigdis Vandik (University of Bergen, Norway)

T4: Context dependencies and interactions among drivers
Chairperson: Nico Eisenhauer (Leipzig University / iDiv)
T2: Climate change impacts
Chairperson: Francois Buscot, Lotte Korell (UFZ Halle)
15:10 Plant diversity and soil history effects on community assembly of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Cynthia Albracht¹; Marcel Dominik Solbach²; François Buscot³; Anna Heintz-Buschart⁴ (¹ UFZ Halle; ² University of Cologne; ³ UFZ / iDiv; ⁴ University of Amsterdam / UFZ Halle)
Irrigation induced changes in organic carbon stocks of agricultural soil - what do we really know?
David Emde (Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture)
15:30 Response of soil microbial communities to mixed beech - conifer forests varies with site conditions
Jing-Zhong Lu; Stefan Scheu (University of Göttingen)
Soil structure turnover by biotic and abiotic drivers under two different environmental conditions
Frederic Leuther¹; Robert Mikutta²; Maximilian Wolff²; Klaus Kaiser²; Steffen Schlüter³ (¹Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; ² Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg; ³ UFZ)
15:50 Heatwave and warming induce distinctive community responses through their interactions with a novel, range-expanding species
Jinlin Chen, Owen T. Lewis (University of Oxford)
Effects of experimental droughting on litter decomposition by tropical millipedes and other invertebrates
Mukhlish Jamal Musa Holle; Owen T. Lewis (University of Oxford)
16:10 Coffee break  
16:40 Multifactorial and multidisciplinary approaches to study adaptation of wheat rhizosphere communities to drought
Claudia Breitkreuz¹; Anna Heintz-Buschart²; François Buscot³; Sara Fareed Mohamed Wahdan⁴; Mika Tarkka³; Thomas Reitz³ (¹ UFZ - Halle/Julius Kuehn-Institute (JKI); ² UFZ - Halle, / iDiv / University of Amsterdam; ³ UFZ - Halle, / iDiv; ⁴ UFZ - Halle)
Warming effects on greenhouse gas fluxes from Wadden Sea salt marshes
Miriam Fuss; Peter Mueller; Norman Rueggen; Lars Kutzbach (University of Hamburg)
17:00 An innovative sensor platform for in-situ studies of dynamics and underlying processes, driving spatio-temporal water, carbon and greenhouse gas flux pattern in a heterogeneous arable landscape
Mathias Hoffmann; Maren Dubbert; Shrijana Vaidya; Adrian Dahlmann; Marten Schmidt; Norbert Bonk; Peter Rakowski; Gernot Verch; Michael Sommer, Jürgen Augustin (ZALF)
The formation and loss of warm-adapted microbial temperature relationships in response to summer heatwaves in the Subarctic
Dániel Tájmel; Carla Cruz-Paredes; Johannes Rousk (Lund University)
17:20 Plant age, soil texture and drought rather than the presence of root hairs affect maize and its rhizosphere microbiome
Mika Tarkka¹; Minh Ganther²; Michael Santangeli³; Bunlong Yim⁴; Eva Lippold²; Manuela Désirée Bienert⁵; Marie-Lara Bouffaud⁶; Patrick Bienert⁵; Kornelia Smalla⁴; Eva Oburger³; Doris Vetterlein²; Anna Heintz-Buschart⁷ (¹UFZ / iDiv; ²UFZ; ³ BOKU Vienna; ⁴ Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI); ⁵ Technical University of Munich; ⁶ UFZ; ⁷ University of Amsterdam)
Tree growth resistance to the 2018-2020 drought as modulated by tree diversity and mycorrhizal type
Lena Sachsenmaier¹; Florian Schnabel¹; Peter Dietrich²; Nico Eisenhauer¹; Sylvia Haider³; Olga Ferlian²; Bernhard Schuldt⁴; Fon Robinson Tezeh⁴; Christian Wirth¹ (¹ iDiv / Leipzig University; ² iDiv; ³ (iDiv / Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg; ⁴ University of Würzburg)
17:40 Root hairs matter at field scale for maize shoot growth and nutrient uptake, but root trait plasticity is primarily triggered by texture and drought
Doris Vetterlein¹; Maxime Phalempin; Eva Lippold; Steffen Schlüter; Susanne Schreiter; Mutez Ahmed; Andrea Carminati; Patrick Bienert; Patrick Duddek; Manuela Désirée Biener Mika Tarkka; Minh Ganther; Eva Oburger; Michael Santangeli; Helena Jorda; Mathieu Javaux; Jan Vanderborght (¹ UFZ)

WEDNESDAY, 8th June 2022

Biodiversity-mediated effects of global changes on ecosystems: scaling up and predicting responses
Forest Isbell (University of Minnesota, USA)

10:00 Coffee break
T4: Context dependencies and interactions among drivers
Chairperson: Nico Eisenhauer (Leipzig University / iDiv)
T1: Ecosystem responses to landuse change
Chairperson: Ute Wollschläger (UFZ Halle)
10:30 Impacts of climate change and land use on soil energy fluxes
Marie Sünnemann (iDiv)

Long-term study of different crop residue managements (green fallow, straw, fallow land) on biomass yields and soil properties
Bernd Honermeier¹; Yavar Vaziritabar¹; Janna Macholdt² (¹ Justus Liebig University Gießen; ² Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)

10:50 Responses of plant communities to climate and land use change depend on experimental design, spatial grain, environmental context and species traits
Martin Andrzejak¹; Lotte Korell¹; Tiffany Knight² (¹UFZ / iDiv; ² UFZ / iDiv / Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg)
Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization and functional root traits of winter wheat in an early stage silvoarable agroforestry system following a standardized transect sampling protocol
Eva-Maria Minarsch¹; Christoph Ormos¹; Philipp Weckenbrock¹; Joana Bergmann²; Andreas Gattinger¹ (¹ Justus-Liebig-University Gießen; ² ZALF)
11:10 Land-use intensity modulates climate change impacts on annual decomposition dynamics in temperate agricultural systems
Thomas Reitz¹; Rachel Sophie Zimmer²; Claudia Breitkreuz³; Mika Tarkka²; Luise Ohmann² (¹ UFZ / iDiv; ² UFZ ; ³ UFZ / JKI)
Soil and microbial C:N:P stoichiometric ratios are shaped by fertilization strategy and affect ecosystem-relevant traits of the microbial community.
Evgenia Blagodatskaya¹; Vusal Guliyev¹; Thomas Reitz² (¹ UFZ; ² UFZ / iDiv)
11:30 Estimating the effects of climate change and land-use on rodent dynamics, associated parasites and pathogens
Philipp Koch¹; Martin Pfeffer²; Anna Obiegala²; Erik Schmolz³; Jens Jacob¹ (¹JKI, ² University of Leipzig; ³ UBA)
Influence of different fertilization regimes on carbon sequestration in the Thyrow long-term field experiment DIV.2
Christina-Luise Roß; Michael Baumecker; Frank Ellmer; Timo Kautz (¹ HU Berlin / ADTI)
11:50 Metagenomic analysis of soil microbiomes responses to climate and land-use change during the summers of 2014-2019
Qicheng Bei¹; Thomas Reitz²; François Buscot²; Anna Heintz-Buschart² (¹ iDiv; ² UFZ)
Land use impact on carbon mineralization in well aerated soils is mainly explained by variations of particulate organic matter rather than of soil structure
Steffen Schlüter¹; Tim Roussety¹; Lena Rohe²; Vusal Guliyev¹; Evgenia Blagodatskaya¹; Thomas Reitz¹ (¹ UFZ; ² Thünen Institut für Agrarklimaschutz)
12:10 Management intensity in croplands and grasslands affect earthworm biomass differently under ambient and future climatic scenario
Qun Liu¹; Stefan Scheu²; Nico Eisenhauer³; Martin Schädler¹ (¹ UFZ; ² Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology; ³ iDiv)
Response of subsoil organic matter contents and physical properties to long-term, high-rate farmyard manure application
Maximilian Wolff¹; Frederic Leuther; Klaus Kaiser; Lena Schumann; Ines Merbach; Steffen Schlüter; Robert Mikutta (¹ Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg)
Departure to Bad Lauchstädt


THURSDAY, 9th June 2022

Understanding and managing organic carbon sequestration in soils as delineated from long-term observations and field experiments
Ingrid Kögel-Knabner (Technical University of Munich)

11:00 Coffee break
T1: Ecosystem responses to landuse change
Chairperson: Hans-Jörg Vogel (UFZ Halle)
T2: Climate change impacts
Chairperson: Lotte Korell (UFZ Halle)
11:30 Effects of catch crops on yields and nitrate leaching under different N-fertilization levels to silage maize on a sandy soil in Northwestern Germany
Norbert Bischoff¹; Linda Noltemeyer¹; Annegret Fier¹; Marie-Christin Albers²; Andrea Knigge-Sievers² (¹ State Authority for Mining, Energy and Geology; ² Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony)

Do field experiments underestimate global change effects? – the case of drought and aboveground biomass
György Kröel-Dulay¹; Andrea Mojzes; Katalin Szitár; Michael Bahn; Péter Batáry; Claus Beier; Mark Bilton; Hans J. De Boeck; Jeffrey S. Dukes; Marc Estiarte; Petr Holub; Anke Jentsch; Inger Kappel Schmidt; Juergen Kreyling; Sabine Reinsch; Klaus Steenberg Larsen; Marcelo Sternberg; Katja Tielbörger; Albert Tietema; Sara Vicca; Josep Peñuelas (¹ Centre for Ecological Research)

11:50 Modelling long-term dynamics of soil functions under agricultural management
Sara König¹; Ulrich Weller¹; Birgit Lang²; Bibiana Betancur-Corredor²; Thomas Reitz¹; Hans-Jörg Vogel¹; Martin Wiesmeier³; Ute Wollschläger¹ (¹ UFZ; ² Senckenberg Museum of Natural History; ³ TUM Technical University of Munich)

Plant community dynamics in a 13 year seasonal warming experiment
Yujie Niu; Max Schuchardt; Anke Jentsch (Bayreuth University)

12:10 Biodiversity Exploratories: experimental research in managed landscapes
Markus Fischer¹; Victoria Grießmeier² (¹ University of Bern/ Institute of Plant Sciences; ²Senckenberg - Biodiversität und Klimaforschungszentrum (BiK-F)

Marsh ecosystem response to increased temperature (MERIT): a novel in situ salt marsh warming experiment.
Viktoria Unger¹; Roy Rich²; Miriam Fuß¹; Salomé Gonçalves¹; Peter Mueller¹; Eva Ostertag¹; Svenja Reents¹; Hao Tang¹; Allegra Tashjian²; Simon Thomsen¹; Kai Jensen¹; Stefanie Nolte³ (¹ Universität Hamburg; ² Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; ³ University of East Anglia)

12:30 Species losses, gains, and changes in persistent species are associated with distinct effects on ecosystem functioning in global grasslands
Emma Ladouceur1,2,3, Shane A. Blowes1,4, Jonathan M. Chase1,4, Adam T. Clark1,2,5, Magda Garbowski1,2, ... + The Nutrient Network,... W. Stanley Harpole1,24 (1 iDiv / 2 UFZ / 3 University of Leipzig, 4 Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, 5 Karl-Franzens University of Graz)

12:50 Lunch break

T1: Ecosystem responses to landuse change
Chairperson: Harald Auge (UFZ Halle)
T4: Context dependencies and interactions among drivers
Chairperson: Alexandra Weigelt (Leipzig University)
14:00 Deciphering the effects of tree species richness and mycorrhizal association on community productivity – first five-year results of the long-term tree diversity experiment MyDiv
Peter Dietrich; Olga Ferlian; Yuanyuan Huang; Shan Luo; Julius Quosh; Nico Eisenhauer (iDiv)
Indirect effect of fertilization on tree overyielding via change in species dominance
Dai Saito¹; Friderike Beyer¹; Grégoire T. Freschet²; Anja Klingler³; Charles Nock⁴; Michael Scherer-Lorenzen³; Jürgen Bauhus¹ (¹University of Freiburg; ² Université Toulouse III; ³ University of Freiburg; University of Alberta)
14:20 Mycorrhiza in Tree Diversity-Ecosystem Function Relationships: the first seven years of the iDiv platform MyDiv
Olga Ferlian (iDiv)
Microbial processes impacting soil carbon cycling under anthropogenic change: trait-based scaling from individuals to the ecosystem
Ashish Malik¹; Robert Griffiths²; Steven Allison³ (¹ University of Aberdeen; ² UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; ³ University of California Irvine)
14:40 Effects of low ammonia concentrations on N-sensitive higher plant species in a greenhouse and field study
Jürgen Franzaring; Julia Kösler (Universität Hohenheim)
A new era in landscape ecology: Raising a flag for landscape experiments.
Anna Pereponova¹; Kathrin Grahmann¹; Gunnar Lischeid (¹ZALF)
15:00 Using agroecosystem models to design newly diversified cropping systems in combination with new field arrangements in spatially heterogeneous landscapes
Ixchel Hernandez-Ochoa¹; Thomas Gaiser¹; Kurt-Christian Kersebaum²; Heidi Webber²; Kathrin Grahmann²; Sabine Seidel¹; Frank Ewert³ (¹University of Bonn; ² ZALF; ³ University of Bonn / Leibniz Center for Agricultur)