The 7th International NanoSIMS user meeting

“NanoSIMS & correlative microscopy: exploring physical and biochemical boundaries”

22-24th of August 2017

Short abstract:
The use of NanoSIMS in combination with correlative or complementary approaches such as high resolution electron-, helium- and atomic force- microscopy, Raman spectroscopy or other types of mass spectrometry e.g. ToFSIMS, became increasingly requested and to a certain extent implemented by the scientific community in the recent years. In this context, the 7th International NanoSIMS user meeting aims to offer a meeting point for all the NanoSIMS users including scientists with hands on the instrument, those heavily involved in experimental planning, sample preparation and project managers, as well as representatives of the main manufacturing companies for sample preparation, high resolution microscopy, spectroscopy & secondary ion mass spectrometry. The primary goal of this meeting is to offer a scientific frame for in depth discussions on the NanoSIMS challenges i.e. instrumental and application wide and to inform the NanoSIMS user community on the complementary techniques and instruments available. The future expanding of NanoSIMS applications in material, life and environmental sciences is currently dependent on our ability to apply and further develop such correlative/complementary approaches for a complete chemical, structural and functional characterization of an artefact free sample. NanoSIMS users are welcome to submit contributions as well as those members of the scientific community that use any type of correlative microscopy approach and/or plan further combinations of these with NanoSIMS.