Kristina Hitzfeld



Tel.:+49 (0) 341 235 1360

Department Isotope Biogeochemistry
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstra├če 15,
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Kristina Hitzfeld

Academic background

Since 01/2014 Scientist for a ZIM (Central Innovation Program SME) project, Department of Isotope Biogeochemistry
10/2010 - 03/2015 Postgraduate studies on Ecotoxicology (GDCh/SETAC GLB)
09/2014 - 12/2015 Guest Scientist at UBA, Environmental Protection Agency, Germany
11/2009 - 08/2013 PhD student, Department of Isotope Biogeochemistry
06-09/2009 Guest scientist at EAWAG, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Switzerland
02/2009 Diploma degree in Environmental Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
08/2006-04/2007 Studies at Lund University, Sweden


Compound-specific Isotope Ratio Analysis (CSIA) development for online measurements of isotopic ratios of chlorine, bromine, sulphur and oxygen

My research interest is instrumental analytics with the focus on environmental applications.
At the Department of Isotope Biogeochemistry I am working on method development for isotopic ratio measurements and their application. Isotopic ratio measurements of natural samples can be used to identify and follow the distribution of organic contaminants e.g. in aquifers. Not only allows this technique to deduce contaminations to their origin, it also allows monitoring their attenuation in the environment. Our aim is to improve and reduce operating expenses for the compound-specific isotope ratio analysis of organic compounds by means of online solutions.


  • Bashir, S., Hitzfeld, K.L., Gehre, M., Richnow, H.H., Fischer, A., (2015):
    Evaluating degradation of hexachlorcyclohexane (HCH) isomers within a contaminated aquifer using compound-specific stable carbon isotope analysis (CSIA)
    Water Res. 71 , 187 - 196
    full text (url)
  • Hitzfeld, K.L., Gehre, M., Richnow, H.-H., (2017):
    Evaluation of the performance of high temperature conversion reactors for compound-specific oxygen stable isotope analysis
    Isot. Environ. Health Stud. 53 (2), 116 - 133
    full text (url)
  • Hitzfeld, K.L., Gehre, M., Richnow, H.-H., (2011):
    A novel online approach to the determination of isotopic ratios for organically bound chlorine, bromine and sulphur
    Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 25 (20), 3114 - 3122
    full text (url)
  • Kretschmann, A., Ashauer, R., Hitzfeld, K., Spaak, P., Hollender, J., Escher, B.I., (2011):
    Mechanistic toxicodynamic model for receptor-mediated toxicity of diazoxon, the active metabolite of diazinon, in Daphnia magna
    Environ. Sci. Technol. 45 (11), 4980 - 4987
    full text (url)
  • Renpenning, J., Hitzfeld, K.L., Gilevska, T., Nijenhuis, I., Gehre, M., Richnow, H.-H., (2015):
    Development and validation of an universal interface for compound-specific stable isotope analysis of chlorine (37Cl/35Cl) by GC-high-temperature conversion (HTC)-MS/IRMS
    Anal. Chem. 87 (5), 2832 - 2839
    full text (url)
  • Renpenning, J., Kummel, S., Hitzfeld, K.L., Schimmelmann, A., Gehre, M., (2015):
    Compound-specific hydrogen isotope analysis of heteroatom-bearing compounds via gas chromatography-chromium-based high-temperature conversion (Cr/HTC)-isotope ratio mass spectrometry
    Anal. Chem. 87 (18), 9443 - 9450
    full text (url)