Chao Yang



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Department Isotope Biogeochemistry
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstraße 15,
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Chao Yang

Curriculum Vitae

Since 09/2011 PhD student, Department of Isotope Biogeochemistry
04/2011 M.Sc. in Environmental Science. Tongji University. China
07/2008 B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering. Tongji University. China


Like chlorinated aromatic compounds, Brominated aromatic compounds are ubiquitous in the environment and most of them have ecological risks. Especially the brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are of characteristic like persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and widely used in many everyday products such as plastics, furniture, cars, textiles, construction materials and electronic equipment. These compounds are usually resistant to chemical and microbial attack under natural conditions. Researches have showed that the Dehalococccoides species are highly effective to the dehalogenation of chlorinated aromatic compounds. Initial testing also confirmed that debromination activities are present in Dehalococcoides species. So the goals in my research are using methods of microbiology and biochemistry to establish and characterize mixed cultures debrominating brominated aromatics. Enrichment or isolation of debrominating strains and the mechanism will also be studied.


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