Work package 1 - Current and future use of land- and ecological resources - contributions and hurdles towards sustainable developments (SDGs)

One of our major challenges is that humanity depends on functioning ecosystems while human activities also form the biggest threat to ecosystems, manifested in the modification, and frequently the degradation of biological and land resources.

Thus, we seek to identify pathways of socio-ecological transitions rendering ecosystems of the future resilient and provide the benefits and services to fulfil the different needs of society.

Work Package 1 deals with the following objectives:

  • to explore and improve new methods to map livelihoods, ES provision and use

  • to analyse and improve (legal and economic) policy instruments related to the use of (land) resources and ES governance

  • to develop scenarios focusing on resource availability and the use of land and other resources, explore adaptation and mitigation options and

  • assess the impacts of different options/scenarios on achieving (selected) SDGs

Ongoing core projects:

  • New Land Use Scenarios for Germany
  • Migration-Insurance-Land management Linkages (MILL)
  • Understanding farmer behaviour for modelling and policy design


  • Economic, legal and political analysis of instruments
  • (participatory) Scenario development
  • Scenario analsysis
  • Digital participatory GIS & mapping
  • Social-ecological modelling
  • Quantitative and qualitative field data collection
  • Meta-analytical approaches
  • Model development & application

Lead Scientists

    Dr. Kathleen Hermans
    Department of Computational Landscape Ecology

     Birgit Müller
    Department of Ecological Modelling

     Dr. Jörg Priess
    Department of Computational Landscape Ecology

  • Bartkowski, Bartosz (OEKON)
  • Dreßler, Gunnar (OESA)
  • Hermans, Kathleen (CLE)
  • Möckel, Stefan (UPR)
  • Müller, Birgit (OESA)
  • Priess, Jörg (CLE)
  • Rink, Dieter (SUSOZ)
  • Rode, Julian (OEKON)
  • Schröter-Schlaack, Christoph (OEKON)