SVEPM Annual Conference 2011 in Leipzig (23.-25.3.)

Hans-Hermann Thulke Senior scientist
Hans-Hermann Thulke Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research UFZ
Department of Ecological Modelling
Project group Ecological Epidemiology
Permoserstr. 15
D - 04318 Leipzig
building 1.0, room 211
phone: ++49-(0)341-235-1712
fax: ++49-(0)341-235-1473
mail: P.O.Box 500136, D-04301 Leipzig
e-mail: hans.thulke (at)

For more information you are now redirected to the english homepage EcoEpi - Ecological Epidemiology


Einführung in die Modellierung ökologischer Systeme

3.-13. März 2015

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Junior Research Group

„Global food security policies and their social-ecological side effects in regions prone to global change”