PFAS Innovation Forum 2024

PFAS Innovation Forum – 4 March 2024

Developing Solutions Together!

On 04 March 2024, everything will revolve around so-called PFAS (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) - a group of substances that is processed in countless products, from frying pans to rain jackets. At the same time, PFAS are increasingly polluting the environment, as well as people. The problem with PFAS: once in the environment, they can hardly be degraded. The EU wants to regulate the use of PFAS to protect the environment.

We will take a look at where we are now, what regulations await us, what relevance the use of PFAS has for society as a whole, and how companies can respond. What alternatives to PFAS already exist? Is the harmfulness of PFAS actually sufficiently well known? How can companies take a step away from PFAS and towards sustainability with the help of technical innovations? And to what extent does the use of PFAS also affect citizens?

We would like to engage in a productive exchange with you about this. With various scientific presentations and breakout sessions, we would like to create a basis for new networks and long-term collaborations.

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