IP Projects

The IP is divided into four closely connected project areas to tackle the challenges mentioned before. These projects combine systematic data-driven top-down analyses of integral catchment reactions with process research in relevant functional areas and subsequent bottom-up modelling.

groundwater borne nitrate inputs into the Selke river
instream NO3, Selke

Nitrate Dynamics

We study the mobilization, transport and turnover of nitrate in catchments and evaluate the resulting riverine export using high-frequency monitoring approaches, process studies across scales, data-driven analyses and modeling.

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Weiße Mulde
Foto: Jörg Tittel, UFZ

DOC Dynamics

We study the sources, mobilization and turnover of dissolved organic carbon in the aquatic environment with advanced analytical and modelling methods.

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a very happy face
Yang et al. (2018)

Mechanistic Model Development

This project aims at developing and applying a robust mechanistic model describing the spatial and temporal developments of nutrient transport dynamics and accounting for a coupled bio-geo-chemical and hydrological processes.

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Musolff et al. (2015)
Musolff et al. (2015)

Export Regimes

The export regime is the integrated response of water quality to the multitude of processes within the catchment. This projects aims at understanding the hierarchy of processes leading to the observed export regime at the catchment outlet.
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