Plant-pollinator networks in agroecosystems across space and time

Collection site in Harsleben
Photo: A. Thompson  -  Collection site in Harsleben - mustard and wheat field.

About the project:

Bombus terrestris-complex pollinating Cirsium arvense Photo: A. Thompson  -  Bombus terrestris-complex pollinating Cirsium arvense near a wheat field in Wanzleben. We are constructing plant-pollinator networks in semi-natural fields that differ in species composition across space and time to determine which target natural plant species are critical for pollinator service to agricultural plants.

We are collecting at six different sites throughout Sachsen-Anhalt that are associated with the TERENO Harz/Central German Lowland Observatory, so we can compare our data to the current and historical data collected by the observatory.

More Information on the Terrestral Environmental Observatories TERENO

Scientific investigators:

Amibeth Thompson, Tiffany Knight
Till Groth, Esther Sossai (former Team members)

Other collaborators:

UFZ Halle: Mark Frenzel, Martin Musche, Oliver Schweiger