Bacterial adaptation to toxic solvents allowing a broader performance of biotransformations of organic compounds in two-phase fermentation systems

Acronym: BARTOLO
Duration: 01.01.2002 - 31.12.2004

Project coordinator: Dr. Juan L. Ramos Grenada, Spain

BARTOLO is a European solving initiative directed to the acquaintance of knowledge on the unusual tolerance of a Pseudomonas putida strain to solvent with log Pow around 2.5 and the exploitation of this property, together with the easy genetic manipulation of the microorganism, to synthesize a range of catechols, nitroaromatic compounds (including nitrobenzaldehydes) picolinic acid and pyridine. BARTOLO will also consider the scale up of the processes together with downstream processing and safety. Therefore, BARTOLO covers the complete development of a biotechnological process from molecular biology to product recovery.