Current Key Activities

Experimental Studies

The experimental work comprises in research in laboratory and field focusing on the following methodical topics

  • Chemoassays (reaction kinetics of toxicologically relevant processes)
  • Bioassays (toxicological effects in vitro)
  • Passive sampling (time integrated compound concentration)
  • Sorption and other partitioning processes of chemicals
  • Hydrolysis and other transformation processes of chemical substances

including chemical-analytical methods to determine the structure of abiotically and metabolically induced transformation products.

Theoretical Studies

The theoretical research mainly comprises

  • Models for the prediction of compound properties from the molecular structure
  • Structure-activity relationships for the prediction of toxicological and ecotoxicological effects of chemical substances from their molecular structure
  • Models simulating the compound distribution in biological and ecological systems
  • Models on enzymatic catalysis (e.g. P450 oxidation processes, vitamin B12)

including quantum chemical and other methods of theoretical chemistry as well as applied mathematics (statistics, decision theory).

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