Student and Graduate Assistants

There are funds available for student and graduate assistant work in the laboratory and on some theoretical topics. If you are interested, just contact us via the email address below.

Internships und Thesis

There are opportunities for internships as well as bachelor, master, diploma or dissertation theses. Do not hesitate to contact us!


For internships, we need information about your person as well as about the time frame and topic area. Normally, a confirmation of the necessity with regard to your current education is required.


For theses, it would be very helpful to attach the following files in electronic form (e.g. as scanned pdf) to enable us suggesting a suitable topic for you:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • School leaving examination (German: Abitur) certificate
  • Bachelor/master certificate and document (if applicable)
  • Bachelor/master transcript (completed courses with credit points so far, if applicable)
  • Information about relevant interships including university-external internships or other university-external activities (if applicable)
  • Topics and supervisors of your previous internships
  • Scientific interests

External Funding

You have an Idea for a suitable project, or actually submitted an application already, possibly even successful yet, and your are looking for a host? Just tell us information about your person and about your application.


We are trying to answer your questions as soon as possible. To make sure we can quickly respond, please use the following email address for any inquiries about these opportunities: