Aquatic Ecosystems

The team and workpackages

An interdisciplinary team of natural and social scientists works on three areas:

  1. the generation of natural science basis, in particular the effect of stressors on biological communities and ecological processes;
  2. development of new indicators and diagnostic tools for the identification of relevant stressors;
  3. development of management options.

A challenge at all levels is the inclusion of ecosystem functions and their relationship to ecosystem structures (see figure below). Along these challenges, five different work packages have been derived:

IP T32 Grafik Struktur des IP Aquatische Ökosysteme


If you have any general questions on research topics and activities in the IP, please contact the IP speaker Markus Weitere or the IP manager Ilona Bärlund. For direct questions to the individual work packages, see the contact information on each of the WP sub-pages

Prof. Markus Weitere
Prof. Dr. Markus Weitere
Department of River Ecology
Markus Weitere

Dr. Ilona Baerlund
Dr. Ilona Bärlund
Department of Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis
Ilona Bärlund