The motivation for the IP’s structure is to comprehensively address the current knowledge gaps between a chemical’s molecular characteristics, its emergent environmental fate and eco-compatible fate management. To this end, three workpackages (WPs) will be established that analyse the molecular and ecosystem determinants and develop the management of a chemical’s fate. WP 1 (Molecule sphere) will unravel key molecular characteristics governing partitioning, biological and abiotic transformation of chemicals. WP 2 (Ecosystem functioning and service) will elucidate the mechanisms underlying chemical degradation and (eco-)system-level means for its induction and enhancement. WP 3 (Managment & intervention options) will generate knowledge towards options for controlling the input and fate of environmental chemicals in ecosystems.

IP 41 WP-Schema

The WPs are interlinked through the IP’s strong intention to collaboratively generate information combining molecular characteristics with an ecosystem-level perspective. Selection of chemicals will be driven by their environmental relevance, their structural properties and stakeholders’ needs.

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WP 1: Molecular Sphere
WP 2: Ecosystem Functioning and Service
WP 3: Management & Intervention Options