WP 2: System Integration of Renewable Energies and Resources

We aim to understand the relationship between technological systems and society, markets and the environment in order to evaluate potential effects of technologies in the power, heating, transport, material and chemical sectors, and their contribution to society’s sustainability transition. Ultimately this allows us to generate recommendations for relevant regional, national and European stakeholders for integrating renewable energies and resources-based technologies in current and future socio-technical systems. Our research is guided by the following questions:

  1. Impact assessment and monitoring: What are the systemic impacts of the current utilization of renewable resources for the provision of energy, materials and chemicals? What is the adequate set of indicators that allows a comprehensive evaluation of these impacts as well as the modelling of their development over time? (Spatial analysis, WP 1)
  2. Improving systems integration: What technical, economic, institutional and/or behavioural drivers and barriers are relevant for the integration of renewable energies and resources into energy, materials and chemicals provision systems, and how can they be addressed? (Governance analysis, WP 3)
  3. Scenario modelling as decision support: How can we improve the basis for policy decisions when there is uncertainty about sustainability impacts and system integration perspectives of innovative technologies? (Governance analysis, WP 3)


Dr. Alberto Bezama
Department of Bioenergy
Alberto Bezama