Ida Dolciotti

Ida Dolciotti

Ida graduated in marine biology at the Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy in 2009. She specialized in ecotoxicology with a master thesis on the effects of nanoparticles on estuarine polychaete. She joined our group in September 2009 as a part of the CREAM project. Her research consists in the investigation on effects of interspecific competition on population recovery of Daphnia magna competing with larvae of Culex pipiens in order to develop and test corresponding individual-based community models.

Professional experiences


09/2009 - 2013
Marie-Curie Fellow at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ.

Master of Science, 2nd level Degree in Marine Biology with an experimental thesis titled “Ecotoxicology of metal oxide and carbon nanoparticles: a study on the sediment dwelling marine polychaete Arenicola marina”.

10/2007 – 08/2008
Erasmus student at the university of Exeter, to define and finalize the Master thesis inside the Laboratory of Invertebrate Ecotoxicology, School of Bioscience, University of Exeter, UK.

11/2006 – 02/2007
Internship at the Laboratory of Fresh Water at Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.