Junior Research Groups in the IP EneryLandUse

GORmin - Governance options for acceptable primary and secondary scarce-resource mining in Germany

Duration: Mar 2015 - Dec 2017
Associated to WP3 

Dr. Alena Bleicher Dr. Alena Bleicher
Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology

The research of this junior research group aims to identify socio-cultural factors of designing innovative technologies for the exploitation of scarce resources from primary and secondary deposits. Sociotechnical controversies and conflicts will be identified and analysed in order to develop governance options for the sociotechnical system.

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Sustainable deployment of renewable energies with multiple environmental impacts - Policy strategies to address ecological trade-offs of the energy transition

Duration: Sep 2017 - Aug 2022
Associated to WP1 and WP3

Dr. Paul Lehmann Dr. Paul Lehmann
Department of Economics

Public support for the deployment of renewable energy resources (RES) aims at mitigating adverse environmental impacts of fossil-nuclear electricity generation. However, RES deployment also affects the environment, e.g., by destroying natural habitats, emitting noise and changing landscape aesthetics. Against this background, this BMBF-funded junior research group explores how the environmental and energy policy framework in Germany and the EU can be designed to consider the multiple environmental impacts of RES deployment and to promote the transition of the electricity sector towards sustainability.