Marie Eberwein

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Office: Buidling 4.0, Room 402

Marie Eberwein

Curriculum Vitae

2022 - present PhD student at UFZ Leipzig
2019-2021 Master in Biochemistry, MLU Halle
2015-2018 Bachelor in Biochemistry, MLU Halle


My research focus on the heterologous production of the membrane-bound organohalide respiration complex (OHR) of Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1 aiming on the accessibility of the complex for biotechnological applications. Additionally, I’m interested in the bioelectrochemical characterization of the respiratory enzyme complex to get deeper insights into the processes of electron and proton transport.

Besides molecular biological methods I apply cyclic voltammetry for electrochemical analysis as well as a range of biophysical methods like nLC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC etc.




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