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Grafik UFZ-Preise, Quelle UFZ 2022 UFZ Awards presented for Technology Transfer, Knowledge Transfer and Young Scientists Award for Applied Research
Every year, the UFZ honours outstanding achievements of its employees who are finding ways to reconcile a healthy environment with social development


Photo Dr.-Ing. M. Jordan, Quelle UFZ UFZ scientist is award winner of the Energy and Environment Foundation Leipzig
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Jordan receives the sponsorship award for a method he developed to optimise heating concepts
Grafik Veranstaltungshinweis Expert meeting at the UFZ with kick-off speaker Wolfram Günther, Saxony's Minister of State
Under the title "CO₂-NEUtrale Stadt Leipzig - Wie geht's?" (CO2 NEUtral city of Leipzig - How can it work?), ENERGIEMETROPOLE Leipzig invites you to a diverse programme at Leipzig's KUBUS on 21 November 2022.
Medaille & Foto Prof. Vogel Emil Ramann Medal 2022 awarded to UFZ soil scientist
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Vogel was honoured with this prestigious award at the 2022 annual meeting of the German Soil Science Society (DBG).
Logo NEU e.V. "Climate Change - What Can We Do, What Must We Do?": Natural Resources Cluster Team discusses with Employees For Future
The Natural Resources Cluster Team at Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt e.V. held its regular business meeting on this explosive topic in September 2022.
Veranstaltungshinweis Transfermesse UFZ research presented at Saxony-Anhalt Trade Fair
The Transfer and Start-up Centre of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg invited universities and research institutions of Saxony-Anhalt to present the results of their cutting-edge research.
UFZ-Gründach Green roof research – UFZ knowledge for adapting cities to climate change
Since April 2020, the UFZ Research Green Roof has been contributing to answering current questions about optimised effects of green roofs in urban areas.
Team RWInnoTec UFZ spin-off wins innovation awards
RWInnoTec wins IQ Innovation Awards for its radio wave technology for road repair.
Dr. Jakob Zscheischler Arne Richter Award 2022 for multiple award-winning young scientist
Dr. Jakob Zscheischler, group leader in the Department of Computational Hydrosystems at the UFZ, was awarded the 2022 European Geosciences Union (EGU) Award in May.
Team RWInnoTec RWInnoTec clears first hurdle for award
UFZ spin-off is nominated for the IQ Innovation Award for Central Germany and the Saxon Start-up Award.
Dr. David Leuthold Young scientist receives five awards
UFZ postdoc Dr. David Leuthold wins awards for his new method for analysing neurotoxicity at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) in San Diego, USA
Pipetten, Quelle UFZ, Andre Künzelmann New biomarkers pave the way for spin-off
Researchers have discovered new biomarkers for the detection and quantification of cancer types and approaches for new cancer immunotherapies. A new DKFZ/UFZ spin-off is now using this know-how as a business idea.
Logo agra The UFZ presented solutions for agriculture and forestry at the agra trade fair
The agricultural fair in Central Germany brought together researchers, foresters and farmers as well as politicians to exchange views on current demands and opportunities in agricultural and forestry production.
Grafik Wasserstoff Hydrogen: Key element of the energy transition
Hydrogen produced in a climate-friendly way makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, especially in industry and transport, where energy efficiency and the direct use of electricity from renewable sources are not sufficient.
Dr. Jan Bumberger, Quelle: UFZ UFZ expert talk – Jan Bumberger explains UFZ's focus on digitisation in environmental sciences
GTAI spoke to Jan Bumberger, scientific head of Research Data Management at UFZ, about the challenges of developing solutions for climate change.
Logo project radonvent Protection against indoor radon – results from ventilation experiments within a ZIM project of the UFZ
The German Radiation Protection Act prescribes a reference value for indoor radon concentrations. In many regions of Germany, radon activity concentrations in the soil air exceed this value, so that measures must be taken there to protect the population.
Logo transfun transfun – finding solutions together
The new transfun funding programme at the UFZ strengthens cooperations with national and international companies to develop new products. Together with you, we want to work on a sustainable future and conserve valuable resources. Take the chance to develop your idea together with us!
Grafik zum BlauGrün-Konzept, UFZ The UFZ is part of the project "Leipziger BlauGrün - Blue-Green Neighbourhood Development in Leipzig"
In cooperation with the city of Leipzig and other partners, the UFZ is developing a concept for climate-adapted water and energy management using the example of the "Leipzig416" neighbourhood.
Grafik UFZ-Preise UFZ Awards 2021 presented for Technology Transfer, Knowledge Transfer and Young Scientists Award for Applied Research
Every year, the UFZ honours outstanding achievements of UFZ staff and their special commitment to the UFZ.
turfcoach logo Turf Coach UG
New spin-off at the UFZ offers solutions for smart and sustainable turf management.