Popular science events

Fascinating popular science events with high-calibre speakers and scientists provide all those who are interested and a broad audience with insight into the research topics covered at the UFZ and beyond that they look at overarching questions at the interface between the environment and society. Event series such as the Helmholtz Environmental Lectures, the Long Nights of Science, the Leipzig Round Table for the Environment, the UFZ Annual reception and the Girls- and Boys days provide the perfect opportunity to talk directly with experts and to learn more about our environment.

Helmholtz Environmental Lecture (HEL)

HEL Mojib Latif In this series of lectures, the UFZ would like to deepen the dialogue with renowned personalities from the fields of economics, politics and science about the environmental challenges facing mankind.

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Long Nights of Science

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften in Halle Science nights take place in Leipzig (every 2 years), in Halle (annually) and in Magdeburg (annually).

Location Leipzig
Location Halle
Location Magdeburg

The Leipzig Round Table for the Environment

Umweltstammtisch im Zoo At the Leipzig Round Table for the Environment that is held about three times a year competent speakers will take up some topical environmental issues and discuss them with interested members of the public.

Leipzig Round Table for the Environment
Past Events

Girls’ and Boys’ days

Girlsday Magdeburg Girls’ Day is aimed specifically at motivating girls and women to take up technical and scientific professions and to increase the percentage of women employees in those professions that are typical for men. Boys’ Day is the counterpart to Girls’ Day.


UFZ Annual reception

Jahresempfang 2015 Once a year, the executive management of the UFZ hosts an annual reception. This event is targeted at decision-makers, partners and friends of the UFZ from political, scientific, economic and cultural backgrounds as well as UFZ employees. Annual receptions of the past have been held under the following mottos:

Environmental factor: mankind (2015)
Resources and Land – a limited edition
Integrated Environmental Research – development of a discipline
Sustainability and economics – issues for consideration
Water for everyone – research for a basic human right
Biodiversity – because that is what we value