Nadine Hellmold

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Phone: +49 341 235 1767

Office: Building 1.0, Room 115

Nadine Hellmold

Curriculum Vitae

2021-present Ph.D. student at UFZ Leipzig
2016-2019 Master of Science in Biotechnology; TU Berlin
2011-2015 Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering; OvGU Magdeburg


In my Ph.D project I am working with the anaerobic growing Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1. This organism uses halogenated, persistent environmental toxins as final electron acceptor in its respiration. This process is described as reductive dehalogenation and is catalysed by a membrane bound protein complex (OHR- complex). Anaerobic reductive dehalogenation is to date the most effective biological process to degrade these halogenated toxins.
Overall objective in my project is to make the OHR- complex from CBDB1 accessible for biotechnological applications. Therefor the complex should be biochemically and structurally described.


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