Taimur Khan

Kontakt / Adresse

Taimur Khan
Data Scientist

Department Community Ecology (Biozönoseforschung)
für Umweltforschung - UFZ
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 4
06120 Halle, Germany

Tel: 0341 235 5408
Fax: 0341 23545 5408


Taimur Khan

Arbeitsschwerpunkt / Main Focus

Application of high-performance computational tools and techniques for organizing and analyzing large amounts of environmental/earth data to answer increasingly complex questions through data and process modeling.

Kooperationen / Projekte | Co-operations / Projects

Current Projects:

Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT)

Arbeitsgruppen | Working Group(s)

Macroecology and Vegetation Science

Selected Works

IASDT-Workflows: Data workflows for the Invasive Alien Species Digital twin
DeepTrees: Deep-Learning based spatiotemporal tree inventorying and monitoring from public orthoimages.
IASDT-Dataserver: Data server for interfacing data stored in LUMI-O
Halle Treecrowns: Deep-learning based modeled tree counts in the city of Halle (Saale) (w/ web interface)
Metalabel: Semantic labels for tabular data
OPeNDAP Data Catalog: Containerized template for serving grid and sequence datasets with OPeNDAP
Snakemake Cookiecutter: Workflow template for Snakemake