Tesfaye Wubet, Ph.D.

Contact / Address

Tesfaye Wubet, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist in Environmental Genomics

Department of Community Ecology
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Theodor-Lieser-Strasse 4 | D-06120 Halle/Saale


+49 345 558 5204
+49 345 558 455204

Tesfaye Wubet

Research Interest

My scientific research focused on unravelling the mechanisms of plant-microbe interactions with a particular emphasis on the effect of drivers of global change such as land use intensity, climate change, as well as plant species identity and genetic diversity on the plant associated and rhizosphere soil microbiomes. I employ a range of meta-omics approaches including: meta-barcoding of microbiomes to assess microbial diversity coupled with the use of comparative meta-genomics and meta-transcriptomics in the frame of interdisciplinary and integrated research projects to link structural and functional diversity of microbes with diversity and community composition of plant communities. My work also focus to disentangle the relationship between below ground inter- and intra-kingdom microbial co-occurrence and interaction networks, patterns of functional gene profiles and its implication in understanding ecosystem processes in different microbial hotspots.

Current position

since 2018

2010 - 2017

Senior Scientist in Environmental Genomics, Department of Community Ecology

Environmental Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing group leader, Department of Soil Ecology

Curriculum Vitae


Postdoctoral research associate - Department of Soil Ecology, UFZ, Halle (Saale), Germany. Research topic: Construct soil metagenomic libraries from forest and grassland soils along land use gradients and screen for fungal functional genes. Including supervision of PhD students. Project: Biodiversity Exploratories http://www.biodiversity-exploratories.de


Postdoc - Department of Systematic Botany and Mycology, University of Tuebingen, Germany. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Franz Oberwinkler and Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kottke. Research Topic: Molecular diversity and community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with indigenous tree species in a mountain forest in Ethiopia.


Ph.D. in Botany (Mycology, Molecular Biology), Department of Systematic Botany and Mycology, University of Tuebingen, Germany. (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kottke and Prof. Dr. Franz Oberwinkler).

Research projects:

Global Change Experimental Facility (GCEF)

Soil microbiomes

Shifts in taxonomic and functional diversity, community composition and distribution patterns of soil microbiomes with main focus on general fungi, mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria along land use and simulated drought senarios.

DFG Priority program SPP1374 - Biodiversity Exploratories

Core project - Microorganisms

Soil fungal diversity and community composition of grassland and forest ecosystems along land use gradients in three German Biodiversity Exploratories.

DFG Research Unit FOR 918 - Carbon flow in below ground food webs assessed by isotope tracers

Soil fungi as link between plant derived carbon and soil food webs (Funlink-II). 


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Selected publications

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