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Insights into the exciting research conducted at the UFZ are provided by the UmweltPerspektiven that comes out several times a year: UmweltPerspektiven offers a good mix of reports, interviews, points of view and profiles of current environmental research topics. You can receive a printed copy by post or read it here directly as an e-paper.

Special editions

In addition to the regular UFZ newsletters, there have been 3 editions of the special newsletters „UFZ-Special“ and two editions of „UFZ-Expert“.

Further newsletters can be found in German language:

UmweltPerspektiven in German

UFZ Newsletter April 2012

Newsletter April 2012

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Topics of this issue are:

  • Natural Capital Germany
  • Auditors in forests and fens
  • INTERVIEW: "We have to make a decision about what kind of economic growth we want"
  • Sustainability in rivers
  • Junior scientist: World traveller with a passion for Leipzig
  • Newsflashes

The UFZ newsletter from April can be downloaded here as PDF:

UFZ Newsletter April 2012 (1.4 MB)