Special edition newsletters

In addition to the regular UFZ newsletters, there have been 3 editions of the special edition newsletter „UFZ-Special“ and two editions of „UFZ-Expert“.


Deckblatt UFZ-Spezial Chemikalien

Chemicals in the environment | 2012


• Chemicals in the environment
• Chemicals: Incidence, dispersal and effects
• Chemicals and health
• Chemicals: remediation and management

Deckblatt UFZ-Spezial Wasser

Water: A special issue | 2011


• Monitoring, exploring, understanding and modelling water
• Managing water resources

Deckblatt UFZ-Spezial Klimawandel

On the case of climate change | 2009


• Climate change and Water
• Climate change and Biodiversity
• Climate change and Socio-economics

Deckblatt UFZ-Spezial Biodiversität

Biodiversity | 2008


• Using and conserving biodiversity
• Nature – should it be left natural?
• Point oF view: The german strategy to biodiversity
• Biological invasions: A curse or blessing?
• Interview with Klaus Töpfer: “We need to do our homework”