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Veranstaltungen ab 29.05.2018

SOLUTIONS for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management

The major focus of this Final Conference is to disseminate and critically discuss the extensive outcomes of this project with you as potential stakeholder and end-user of SOLUTIONS. The project is related to the implementation and advancement of the Water Framework Directive, and at this Final Conference we aim to:

·         Highlight novel approaches and tools for a more holistic and efficient monitoring and assessment of water contamination.

·         Present advanced exposure and risk models, effect-based monitoring tools, assessment and prioritization of chemical mixtures, abatement options and policy recommendations.

·         Discuss future perspectives for emerging pollution in the water cycle including remaining challenges and research needs.


Vorträge, Exponate, Experimente, Informationen - Umweltforschung zum Anfassen, Mitmachen, Staunen (diverses Programm für Neugierige unterschiedlicher Altersgruppen)

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The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ welcomes you to the EnergyDays 2018 in Leipzig, Germany. On 24 and 25 September 2018, the integrated project EnergyLandUse invites you to attend this year's EnergyDays with a special focus on “Energy Landscapes of Today and Tomorrow”. The large-scale expansion of renewable energies is characterized by more decentralized and consequently more land-intensive production patterns than conventional energy supply systems. This brings about important new sustainability challenges, including extensive spatio-environmental impacts, reliability of energy supply and social compatibility. Understanding the challenges associated with new energy landscapes and exploring potential solutions is the focus of the Energy Days 2018. The conference aims to understand the regional, national and European effects and trade-offs which are associated with new technologies and other system elements of energy transitions in their economic, ecological and social dimensions. Based on this, it explores options for organizing a sustainable spatial allocation of renewable energy provision. The conference will foster the exchange between land-use-oriented energy research at the UFZ and the national and international scientific community.

To discuss recent progress in research on the spatial dimension of energy transitions, we welcome abstracts related to the following subjects:

- Spatial allocation of renewable energies
- Spatial assessment of renewable energy potentials
- Environmental and social impacts of renewable energy expansion
- Governance of energy landscapes
- (Un)Fairness, (in)justice and (un)acceptance regarding the use of renewable energies

externe öffentliche Veranstaltung, Teilnahme mit Anmeldung
externe öffentliche Veranstaltung, Teilnahme mit Anmeldung