Guy Pe'er - Publications

1: Peer reviewed publications

Pe'er, G., Y. Zinngrebe, J. Hauck, S. Schindler, A. Dittrich, S. Zingg, T. Tscharntke, R. Oppermann, L. M. E. Sutcliffe, C. Sirami, J. Schmidt, C. Hoyer, C. Schleyer, and S. Lakner. (2016). Adding some green to the greening: improving the EU’s Ecological Focus Areas for biodiversity and farmers. Conservation Letters, online first.

Ibisch, P. L., M. Hoffmann, S. Kreft, G. Pe'er, V. Kati, L. Biber-Freudenberger, D. A. DellaSala, M. M. Vale, P. R. Hobson, and N. Selva. (2016). Putting roadless areas into the global conservation and sustainability agenda. Science 354:1423-1427.

Urban, M. C., G. Bocedi, A. P. Hendry, J.-B. Mihoub, G. Pe'er, A. Singer, J. R. Bridle, L. G. Crozier, L. De Meester, W. Godsoe, A. Gonzalez, J. J. Hellmann, R. D. Holt, A. Huth, K. Johst, C. B. Krug, P. W. Leadley, S. C. F. Palmer, J. H. Pantel, A. Schmitz, P. A. Zollner, and J. M. J. Travis (2016). Improving the forecast for biodiversity under climate change. Science 353, aad8466.

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Fleschutz, M. M., N. Gálvez, G. Pe’er, Z. G. Davies, K. Henle, and E. Schüttler (2016). Response of a small felid of conservation concern to habitat fragmentation. Biodiversity and Conservation 25: 1447-1463.

Singer, A., K. Johst, T. Banitz, M. Fowler, J. Groeneveld, R. J. Gutiérrez, F. Hartig, R. M. Krug, M. Liess, G. R. Matlack, K. M. Meyer, G. Pe'er, V. Radchuk, A.-J. Voinopol-Sassu, and J. M. J. Travis (2016).  Community dynamics under climate change: will next generation 1 mechanistic models improve projections of species distributions? Ecological Modelling 326: 63-74.

Schmucki, R., G. Pe'er, D. B. Roy, C. Stefanescu, C. Van Swaay, T. H. Oliver, M. Kuusaari, A. Van Strien, L. Ries, J. Settele, M. Musche, J. Carnicer, O. Schweiger, T. Brereton, A. Harpke, J. Heliölä, E. Kühn, and R. Julliard (2016) Regionally informed abundance index for supporting integrative analyses across butterfly monitoring schemes. Journal of Applied Ecology 53: 501-510.

Jonsson, B.G., G. Pe'er and M. Svoboda (2015) Forests: not just timber plantations. Nature 521: 32. (correspondence)

Pe'er, G., J. B. Mihoub, C. Dislich, and G. Y. Matsinos (2014) Towards a different attitude to uncertainty. Nature Conservation 8:95–114.

Haila, Y., K. Henle, E. Apostolopoulou, J. Cent, E. Framstad, C. Görg, K. Jax, R. Klenke, W. E. Magnusson, Y. Matsinos, B. Müller, R. Paloniemi, J. Pantis, F. Rauschmayer, I. Ring, J. Settele, J. Similä, K. Touloumis, J. Tzanopoulos, and G. Pe'er (2014). Confronting and coping with uncertainty in biodiversity research and praxis. Nature Conservation 8:45-75.

Pe’er, G., L. V. Dicks, P. Visconti, R. Arlettaz, A. Baldi, T. G. Benton, M. Dieterich, R. D. Gregory, F. Hartig, K. Henle, P. R. Hobson, P. L. Ibisch, D. Kleijn, R. K. Neumann, T. Robeijns, J. Schmidt, A. Shwartz, W. J. Sutherland, A. Turbe, F. Wulf and A. V. Scott (2014) EU agricultural reform fails on biodiversity. Science 344:1090-1092. For open access see

Bocedi, G., S. C. F. Palmer, G. Pe'er, R. K. Heikkinen, G. Y. Matsinos, K. Watts, and J. M. J. Travis (2014). RangeShifter: a platform for modeling spatial eco-evolutionary dynamics and species’ responses to environmental changes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5: 388-396.  

Pe'er, G., M. A. Tsianou, K. W. Franz, G. Y. Matsinos, A. D. Mazaris, D. Storch, L. Kopsova, J. Verboom, M. Baguette, V. M. Stevens, and K. Henle (2014): Toward better Application of Minimum Area Requirements in Conservation Planning. Biological Conservation 170:92-102.

Pe’er, G., Y.G. Matsinos, K. Johst, K.W. Franz, C. Turlure, V. Radchuk, A.H. Malinowska, J.M.R. Curtis, I. Naujokaitis-Lewis, B. Wintle, and K. Henle (2013): A protocol for better design, application and communication of population viability analyses. Conservation Biology, 27:644-656.

Freudenberger, L., P. R. Hobson, S. Rupic, G. Pe’er, M. Schluck, J. Sauermann, S. Kreft, N. Selva, and P. L. Ibisch (2013). Spatial Road Disturbance Index (SPROADI) for conservation planning: a novel landscape index, demonstrated for the State of Brandenburg, Germany. Landscape Ecology, 28:1353-1369.

Henle, K., B. Bauch, M. Auliya, M. Külvik, G. Pe'er, D. S. Schmeller, and E. Framstad (2013). Priorities for biodiversity monitoring in Europe: a review of supranational policies and a novel scheme for integrative prioritization. Ecological Indicators, 33: 5-18.

Pe’er, G., G.A. Zurita, L. Schober, M.I. Bellocq, M. Müller and S. Pütz (2013). Simple process-based simulators for generating spatial patterns of habitat loss and fragmentation: A review and introduction to the G-RaFFe model. PLoS ONE 8: e64968.

Pe'er, G., Saltz, D., Münkemüller, T., Matsinos, G. Y. and Thulke, H.-H. (2013). Simple rules for complex landscapes: the case of hilltopping movements and topography. Oikos, online first.

Kent, R., O. Levanoni, E. Banker, G. Pe’er, and S. Kark (2013). Comparing the response of birds and butterflies to vegetation-based mountain ecotones using boundary detection approaches. PLoS ONE 8: e58229.

Pe'er, G., J.A. McNeely, M. Dieterich, B.G. Jonsson, N. Selva, J.M. Fitzgerald and C. Nesshöver (2013). IPBES: Opportunities and Challenges for SCB and other learned societies. Conservation Biology 27: 1-3.

Bocedi, G., G. Pe’er, R.K. Heikkinen, Y.G. Matsinos, and J.M.J. Travis (2012). Projecting species’ range-shifting dynamics: sources of systematic biases when scaling up patterns and processes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 1008-1018.

Keil, P., Schweiger, O., Kühn, I., Kunin, W.E., Kuussaari, K., Settele, J., Henle, K., Brotons, L., Pe’er, G., Lengyel, S., Moustakas, A., Steinicke, H., and Storch, D. (2012). Patterns of beta diversity in Europe: partitioning the effects of climate, land-cover and distance across scales. Journal of Biogeography 39: 1473–1486.

Zurita, G., G. Pe'er, M.I. Bellocq and M.M. Hansbauer (2012). Edge effects and their influence on habitat suitability calculations: a continuous approach applied to birds of the Atlantic forest. Journal of Applied Ecology 49:503–512.

Pe’er, G., K. Henle, C. Dislich and K. Frank (2011). Breaking functional connectivity into components: a novel approach using an individual-based model, and first outcomes. PLoS ONE 8: e22355.

Pe’er, G., C. van Maanen, A. Turbé, Y. G. Matsinos and S. Kark (2011). Butterfly diversity at the ecotone between agricultural and semi-natural habitats across a climatic gradient. Diversity and Distributions 17:1186–1197.

Levanoni, O., N. Levin, G. Pe'er, A. Turbé and S. Kark (2011). Can we predict butterfly diversity along an elevation gradient from space? Ecography 34: 372-383.

Pe’er, G. and J. Settele (2008). Butterflies in and for Conservation: Trends and Prospects. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 54: 7-17.

Pe’er, G. and D. Benyamini (2008). A new template for publishing the 'conservation chain' from problem identification to practical action, exemplified through the campaign for butterfly protection in Israel. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 54: 19-39.

Pe’er, G. and J. Settele (2008). The rare butterfly Tomares nesimachus (Lycaenidae) as a bioindicator for pollination services and ecosystem functioning in northern Israel. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 54: 111-136.

Pe’er, G. and S. Kramer-Schadt (2008). Incorporating the perceptual range of animals into connectivity models. Ecological Modelling 213: 73-85.

Russell, P., W.J. Tennent, J. Pateman, Z.S. Varga, D. Benyamini, G. Pe’er, Z. Bálint and M. Gascoigne-Pees (2007). Further investigations into Melitaea telona Fruhstorfer, 1908 (= ogygia Fruhstorfer, 1908; = emipunica Verity, 1919) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), with observations on biology and distribution. Entomologist’s Gazette 58: 137-166.

Grimm, V., U. Berger, F. Bastiansen, S. Eliassen, V. Ginot, J. Giske, J. Goss-Custard, T. Grand, S.K. Heinz, G. Huse, A. Huth, J. U. Jespen, C. Jørgensen, W.M. Mooij, B. Müller, G. Pe’er, C. Piou, S.F. Railsback, A.M. Robbins, M.M. Robbins,. Rossmanith, N. Rüger, E. Strand, S. Souissi, R.A. Stillman, R. Vabø, R., U. Visser and D.L. DeAngelis (2006). A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models. Ecological Modelling 198: 115-126.

Pe’er, G., S. K. Heinz, and K. Frank (2006). Connectivity in heterogeneous landscapes: analyzing the effect of topography. Landscape Ecology 21: 47-61.

Pe’er, G., D. Saltz, and K., Frank (2005). Virtual Corridors for conservation management. Conservation Biology 19: 1997-2003.

Pe’er, G., D. Saltz, H.–H. Thulke, and U. Motro (2004). Response to topography in a hilltopping butterfly and implications for modelling non-random dispersal. Animal Behaviour 68: 825-839. 


2: Book chapters

Pe'er, G., A. Schmitz, G. Y. Matsinos, L. Schober, R. Klenke, and K. Henle. (2014) Connectivity: beyond corridors. Pages 108-112 in: K. Henle, V. Grobelnik, R. Klenke, W. Kunin, G. Y. matsinos, J. Pantis, L. Penev, S. G. Potts, J. Settele, and J. Simila, editors. Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation. Pensoft, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Pe'er, G., V. Radchuk, K. Thompson, M. A. Tsianou, K. W. Franz, G. Y. Matsinos, and K. Henle (2014) Population viability: On the move from small to large scales and from single to multiple species. Pages 61-65 in: K. Henle, V. Grobelnik, R. Klenke, W. Kunin, G. Y. matsinos, J. Pantis, L. Penev, S. G. Potts, J. Settele, and J. Simila, editors. Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation. Pensoft, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Papanikolaou, A.D., A.S. Kallimanis, K. Henle, V. Lehsten, G. Pe’er, J. D. Pantis, A.D. Mazaris (2014) Climate and land-use change affecting ecological network efficiency: The case of the European grasslands. Pp 156-160 in: K. Henle, V. Grobelnik, R. Klenke, W. Kunin, G. Y. matsinos, J. Pantis, L. Penev, S. G. Potts, J. Settele, and J. Simila, editors. Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation. Pensoft, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Breckling, B., G. Pe'er and Y.G. Matsinos (2011). Cellular Automata. pp. 105-117 in: Jopp, F., H. Reuter and B. Breckling (Eds.): Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg.  

3: Reports

Pe’er, G. and U. N. Safriel (2000). Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Israel. In: Israel's National Report on Climate Change under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Sde Boqer Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Sde Boqer. (available online:

Tzoar, A., U. Ramon, M. Ron, A. Dolev, I. Tzurim, N. Sapir, D. Alon, D. Hawlena, G. Pe’er, N. Levin, and A. Heler (2002). Lahav survey: integration of botanical, zoological, and socio-historic data for the assessment of landscape sensitivity to afforestation and land-use changes. Survey and Evaluation Unit of the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel, Jerusalem (in Hebrew).

Pe’er, G., S. Kark and D. Benyamini (2006). Butterfly Diversity and Conservation in Agricultural Landscapes across the Climatic Gradient in Israel: Incorporating Behavioral Mechanisms. Submitted to “Nekudat Hen, Yad Hanadiv” Foundation for promoting science towards sustainable agriculture. Available online: (in Hebrew). 

Van Swaay, C., E. Regan, M. Ling, E. Bozhinovska, M. Fernandez, O. J. Marini-Filho, B. Huertas, C.-K. Phon, A. Körösi, J. Meerman, G. Pe’er, M. Uehara-Prado, S. Sáfián, L. Sam, J. Shuey, D. Taron, R. Terblanche, and L. G. Underhill (2015) Guidelines for Standardised Global Butterfly Monitoring. Page 32. GEO BON Technical Series. Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON), Leipzig, Germany.

4: Contributed papers in scientific meetings and conferences (examples)

2014: A vision for sustainable agriculture in Israel: lessons from agricultural subsidies and agri-environmental schemes in the EU. Annual meeting of “Yad Hanadiv” Fund for sustainable agriculture, 29 October 2014.

2014: Citizen Science applications for butterflies in Israel – developments and trends. HaMaarag - Israel’s National Nature Assessment Program, Annual meeting, 24.2.2014, Herzelia, Israel. 

2013: A review of dispersal and the dispersal kernel: gaps and a suggested route forward. 1st international conference on Movement and Dispersal, Aberdeen, UK, 11-13 November 2013.

2013: A broader concept of Functional Connectivity to support conservation policy across scales: Natura 2000, Green Infrastructure & the Common Agricultural Policy. INTECOL, London, 18-23 August 2013.

2012: G Pe‘er, Y. Matsinos, J. Travis, R. Klenke & K. Henle: A multi-scale concept of functional connectivity: moving beyond the realms of the species for better support of conservation planning. European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB), Glasgow, Scotland, Sep. 2012.

2012: G. Pe'er: Butterfly Monitoring Schemes: Expansion through 35 years. Butterfly Monitoring Workshop, Maryland, USA, May 2012.

2010: Pe‘er, G., L. Schober, K. Henle and K. Frank: Landscape connectivity for biodiversity: Testing indices, improving approaches. GfOE, Giessen, Germany, 30 August-2 September 2010.

2010: Pe'er, G., K. Franz, C. Turlure, V. Radchuk, A. Malinowska, Y. Matsinos, J. Verboom, and K. Henle: PVAs: putting order into the mess. International Congress of Conservation Biology (ICCB), Edmonton, Canada, 3-7 July 2010.

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