Good Scientific Practice at the UFZ

Following cases of scientific misconduct within the national and international science community, the large research institutes and organisations in Germany have drafted Principles for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice. According to these guidelines, the rules of this practice (which are internalized and followed by the overwhelming majority of scientists) should be explicitly stated and procedures should be institutionalized that deal with allegations of actual or suspected scientific misconduct.

Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

By implementing the framework conditions of the Helmholtz Association, the executive management board and the Scientific and Technical Council (WTR) of the UFZ first declared Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice in 2002, which were then revised in 2014.


The Scientific and Technical Council (WTR) elects two experienced scientists as ombudspersons for the duration of four years as contact persons for all issues dealing with good scientific practice as well as scientific misconduct.