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Jobs and PhDs

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Student research assistant - Hiwi (m/f)
The Theory & Science-Policy Interface group from the NSF department at the UFZ is searching for a dedicated Hiwi to help support the team with their current national, European and international projects.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Halle Soil Scientist (m/f)
This position is part of oft he coordinating project „BonaRes - Centre for Soil Research“ (see www.bonares.de) with a focus on the development of integrative model tools to evaluate land use options and agricultural soil management in terms of their sustainability. Provided the final approval of the project, the position should be filled as soon as possible and is limited until June 2021 with prospects of an additional period of 3 years.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Scientific Assistant (m/f)
As part of the collaborative project RWInnoBau, we are looking for a dedicated person from March 2018 for the Department of Environmental Informatics:
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD position (m/f)
ESTIMATE: A DFG-funded Project is searching for a PhD candidate to enhance understanding of the influence of internal and external stressors on contaminant source zone formation and their implications for final plume extension
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f)
The joint PhD project with partners from the National Park, University Bayreuth, Technical University Dresden and Research Institute Senckenberg is committed to investigate the influence of natural factors on concentration, quality and effects of dissolved organic carbon in the National Park “Bayerischer Wald”. The announced position focuses on a detailed mechanistic investigation of DOC mobilization into the stream at contrasting hydrologic and topographic conditions.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD position (f/m)
MARZIPAN: A DFG-funded research project is searching for a PhD candidate for the development and application of a coupled vegetation-groundwater model

The use and application of simulation models comes with an everlasting endeavour on the search for best-fit values while balancing optimal model complexity, non-uniqueness and over-parameterization. Even in the age of Big-Data, parameterization of subsurface and groundwater domains is limited by too few data, and will always be due to the restricted monitoring capabilities.

​​A DFG-funded research project will address this issue by combining allometric properties of above-ground vegetation, and it demands for water take up, with the inherent information of subsurface flow and transport processes through the coupling of vegetation growth and groundwater flow models. For this, we have chosen a tropical coastal forest system as a unifying example. We are looking for a PhD-candidate with an interdisciplinary education and interest in the subjects of hydro-, geo-, forest- or computer sciences (or combination of these).
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD position (m/f)
Subject: Assessing the combined effects of multiple stressors (agricultural run-off and climate change) on aquatic plant communities
The PhD-project is embedded in the joint German – French DFG-ANR-project ‘CLIMSHIFT’: Regime shifts in freshwater ecosystems exposed to multiple stressors by increasing temperature, fertilizers and pesticides.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Thesis / student internship Ecotoxicology / Ecology
Ecological consequences of pesticide resistance in non-target organisms in agricultural streams (reduced genetic diversity, fitness).
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master thesis
The Department of Analytical Chemistry is looking for a master student.