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Currently, there are no offers.

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Student and Graduate Assistants

There are funds available for student and graduate assistent work in the laboratory and on some theoretical topics.

and also regarding laboratory work

and for theoretical work

Department News

Defences of doctoral theses

Two doctoral students of our department will defend their thesis at the TU Freiberg soon.

Jana Mühlenberg will defend 16 Dec 13.00 in lecture hall GEL-0001 (Gellert Building, Leipziger Straße 23, ground floor).

Weicheng Zhang will defend 18 Dec 14.00 Uhr in lecture hall KKB-2030 (Karl Kegel Building, Agricolastrasse 1, 2nd floor).

New third party projects

BfR Grant (2014-2016). Development of a computer based consensus model for the predictive assessment of the dermal and respiratory sensitisation potential of organic chemicals in the framework of REACH – CompuSens.

UBA Project (2014-2017). REACH - In silico screening for potential endocrine disruptors.

Updated Software

ChemProp - new download link

Important: The ChemProp download has been moved to a new server. The old location provides all necessary information.

The current version is 6.1 (released on February 3 2014).
Be aware, older versions below 6.0 are expired already!

The change log is located here:

The license agreements as well as a poster about ChemProp (state of May 2012) are available for download:

Newest Publications

Brack et al. 2014. The SOLUTIONS project ...
Sci. Total Environ.

Lombardo et al. 2014. Optimizing the aquatic toxicity assessment under REACH ...
Environ. Res.

Fenclová et al. 2014. Temperature dependence of limiting activity coefficients, ...
Fluid Phase Equilibr.

Guénard et al. 2014. Using phylogenetic information and chemical properties ...
P. Roy. Soc. B-Biol. Sci.

Malaj et al. 2014. Organic chemicals jeopardise freshwater ecosystems health ...
P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.

More information is available here:

News Feeds

Scheduled public department events, new ChemProp versions and new publications will be announced via news feeds.




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