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Dec 9, 2020: "Temporal crop diversity stabilises agricultural production - Relying solely on the diversity of crops to ensure food stability is not enough." press release

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Nov 23, 2021: ARD - Das Erste, "Wissen vor 8. - Natur"

Given the drastic decline of media responses after the publication of the Global Assessment of IPBES in Mai 2019, IPBES and IPCC authors approached ARD and suggested to strengthen reporting on transformative change to fight the biodiversity and climate crisis. Finally we were invited to consult within the new series of „Wissen-vor-8“ on various topics such as zoonoses, agricultural monocultures, invasive species, climate change in the arctic.

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Mar 9, 2021: This animated movie presents the results of the TALE project (“Towards multifunctional Agricultural Landscapes in Europe”) which investigated the potential conflicts and possible synergies between agricultural services and biodiversity through the development of land use. video

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