Foto Landschaft

Research Groups

The work of our group is focussed on a) the description of the impact of land use and management changes on water and matter balance and ecosystem services as well as b) the identification and mitigation of trade-offs among land use, ecosystem services and biodiversity. In addition, we also tackle methodological questions in modelling and simulation such as quantification and specification of scale dependencies in process description, uncertainty in data and models as well as developing optimization tools to support landscape and environmental management strategies. Our toolset of models ranges from process-based to statistical and optimization algorithms.
Our research focuses on understanding, mapping and modeling spatio-temporal patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem services. It comprises conceptual work, applied case studies and the further development of methods. Collaboration across disciplines is of central importance for our research. We are concerned with a broad range of spatial scales, from the local (individuals, populations) to the national as well as continental/global level.
The MigSoKo working group identifies spatial pattern of human migration and environmental change and explores the causality between environmental change, population pressure, human migration, and environmental consequences of migration in the tropics.