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Dec 9, 2020: "Temporal crop diversity stabilises agricultural production - Relying solely on the diversity of crops to ensure food stability is not enough." press release

Sep 9, 2020: "Das EU-Mercosur Freihandelsabkommen steht in direktem Widerspruch zum European Green Deal." press release (Media outlet in German only)

Apr 20, 2020: "Identifying land cover from outer space - Machine learning methods provide detailed information on crop types." press release

Dec 4, 2019: "The wellbeing connection - Germany uses ecosystems in distant, often poorer regions." press release

Jul 3, 2019: "Impending threats to biodiversity - How does the expansion or intensification of arable farming affect global agricultural markets and biodiversity?" press release

Apr 26, 2019: "Wie steht es um die Biodiversität weltweit? Der Weltbiodiversitätsrat IPBES stellt am 6. Mai seinen Globalen Bericht vor." press release (Media outlet in German only)

Apr 10, 2019: "How much nature is lost due to higher yields? UFZ study reveals link between increasing yields and biodiversity." press release

Aug 7, 2019: "Better many small than a few large: how landscape configuration affects arthropod communities in rice agroecosystems." press release

Mar 1, 2017: "Forest degradation in the tropics - In small village communities, local resources are often not used sustainably." press release

Dec 12, 2016: "Remote sensing is becoming increasingly important in biodiversity research - New satellites open up further opportunities." press release

Dec 5, 2016: "Making Sense of Research.– Research for Practical Application in Land Management" - Application-focused book with the findings of international research on sustainable land management presented at the global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). press release

Oct 17, 2016: "Zocken, um Nachhaltigkeit zu verstehen - Mit einem Online-Spiel können Lehrer Schülern erklären, worauf es bei nachhaltiger Landnutzung ankommt." press release (Media outlet in German only)

Mar 3, 2016: "Land under pressure - Final conference of the 7 year research programme 'Sustainable Land Management' " press release

Jun 24, 2015: "Der Welt-Wächter ist da." Sentinel-2 satellite has started into space. press release

Jan 14, 2015: "Renewable resources reach their limits " press release

Apr 22, 2014: "UV-radiation data to help ecological research" press release

Nov 5, 2013: "Global map provides new insights into land use - UFZ researchers show the complexity of land use by mapping its common patterns" press release

Apr 17, 2013: Status Conference "Sustainable Land Management" on April 17-19, 2013. press release

Oct 10, 2012: UFZ at UN Biodiversity Conference COP11. press release