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OPTAIN video

Mar 7, 2023:Which measures lead to a more efficient retention of water and nutrient fluxes in agricultural landscapes? The video provides a short overview on the Horizon2020 project OPTAIN that investigates this question. video

MigSoKo video

Feb 1, 2022:  MigSoKo Animation Video on Environmental Change and Human Migration: Embedded in the scientific debate about understanding the causalities between environmental change and human migration, this animated video presents key results of the MigSoKo project. video

TALE video

Mar 9, 2021:  This animated movie presents the results of the TALE project (“Towards multifunctional Agricultural Landscapes in Europe”) which investigated the potential conflicts and possible synergies between agricultural services and biodiversity through the development of land use. video


Jan 19, 2021: How do we manage the resources of our planet in a way that we produce enough healthy food without destroying our life-support system? Answers to that question require to quantify incorporation of agroecological principles in global food systems, will inform assessments of green total factor productivity, and help avoiding possible lock-ins of the global food system through over-intensification and associated biodiversity loss. An overhaul of agroeconomic models is needed to incorporate the interactions of ecosystem functioning with food security and malnutrition. video

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Nov 15, 2013: This video will give you a short overview on how the GLUES project supports the research programme "sustainable land management". video