Conservation on-the-ground


1. Activities within SCB: The Society for Conservation Biology

The Soceity for Conservation Biology - Europe Section (SCB-ES), and especially its Policy and Communication Committees, is engaged in a broad range of policy-relevant activities and constant efforts to feed decision-makers with conservation knowledge and.

Science-policy dialogues touch a range of topics, including Green Infrastructure, wilderness in Europe, Roadless areas, Agri-Environmental Schemes but also international themes such as IPBES and the CBD.

As a member of the Policy Committee of SCB-ES (since 2010), the Board of Directors (BoD; since 2012) and the Communication Committee (Chair 2012-2015), I am involved in various activities - examples for which are brought below.


IPBES and the CBD

Agricultural areas, Grasslands, and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):

European-relevant messages on nature conservation 

Dissemination of concepts and tools (press releases)

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2. Butterflies as bioindicators

The monitoring scheme in Israel: launched 2009

Migratory butterflies, the environment and climate change in Israel: The "Parparim" project

A unique educational program in cooperation for children in the USA, in cooperation with the JNF and the US fores services, spread so far among 79 schools (2010).

Front page of the webinar (online PPT presentation) on migratory butterflies and the environment in Israel, Guy Pe'er

3. Climate Change

Media links following the fire in Mt. Carmel, Israel, December 2010

Other media links about climate change

3. Nature Conservation & Policy in Israel

Media links: Butterfly protection (Hebrew)

Media links: English

4. Other media activities

אחרינו המבול? - "After us the rain?" A documentary on the link between our consupmtion society and the environment.

Photograph: Guy Pe'er, 2010