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Amphibian chytrid fungus reaches Madagascar
Over 290 endemic species are at risk

Agricultural insecticides pose a global risk to surface water bodies
The first global map to be produced on potential insecticide contamination

Key genes for establishment of symbiosis between mycorrhiza fungi and trees evolved a repeatedly amount of time
International research team depict important genomes

Fighting Decline of Pollinators in Europe

Research projects contribute to shaping EU regulation to control invasive species
The first Europe-wide legislation to combat alien species with far-reaching consequences

Renewable resources reach their limits
Humanity should use planetary resources with care

Pilot plant for the removal of extreme gas charges from deep waters

New floor covering can lead to breathing problems in babies
Pollutant levels before birth are apparently more critical than after

Ambitious EU targets for renewable energies make economic sense
In implementing energy policy, member states must be allowed degrees of freedom

Later supper for blackbirds in the city
Artificial light gives birds longer to forage for food.

In between red light and blue light: Leipzig researchers discover new functionality of molecular light switches

Due to landscape fragmentation, Brazil's rainforests are releasing more carbon dioxide than previously thought
Effect has so far been missing in reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


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