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Ambitious EU targets for renewable energies make economic sense
In implementing energy policy, member states must be allowed degrees of freedom

Later supper for blackbirds in the city
Artificial light gives birds longer to forage for food.

In between red light and blue light: Leipzig researchers discover new functionality of molecular light switches

Due to landscape fragmentation, Brazil's rainforests are releasing more carbon dioxide than previously thought
Effect has so far been missing in reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Study: „The biomethane market needs clear frame conditions for further growth“

The saplings go their own way
A new explanation for the dominance of generalists among tropical trees

Natura 2000 could do a great deal more for nature protection
Researchers present results of major EU project

Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation explained in a book and an online tool

Junk DNA not as worthless as once thought
Researchers discover precise regulation mechanisms and suspect correlation with immune response

New water balance calculation for the Dead Sea
Climate change could have a bigger impact on water resources in Jordan than in Israel and Palestine

Socio-economic change more of a problem for nomads than climate change
Study on the impacts on livestock farming in arid regions

Chemical pollution of European waters is stronger than anticipated
Large-scale study shows: Ecological targets of the Water Framework Directive will presumably not be met

New EU reforms fail European wildlife

Fairy circles apparently not created by termites after all
New study of mysterious bare patches in Namibian grasslands supports theory of self-organisation

UV-radiation data to help ecological research

Exotic plant species alter ecosystem productivity
Researchers from the UFZ warn that ecosystems will change dramatically

Are plants more intelligent than we assumed?
In the fight against parasites, the Barberry sacrifices its own seeds depending upon its chances of survival

Micropredators dictate occurrence of deadly amphibian disease
A new study raises hope to successfully fight the chytrid amphibian pathogen

Each food fish can cause specific allergies
Research into protein provides new insight into fish allergies

Biodegradable or not?
Scientists are developing classifications in order to better differentiate readily-biodegradable from long-lasting pesticides

Infected butterflies lead geneticists up the garden path
UFZ researchers illustrate the weaknesses of DNA barcoding

Global map provides new insights into land use
UFZ researchers show the complexity of land use by mapping its common patterns

The potential of straw for the energy mix has been underestimated
Study: Straw could supply energy to several millions of households in Germany

Smoking affects molecular mechanisms and thus children’s immune systems
For the first time UFZ study describes the effects of prenatal environmental stressors on the regulation of microRNAs

New Centre for Water Research
The TU Dresden and UFZ join forces


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