International Café. Photo: UFZ

International Café     

Come to our monthly "International Café" and meet people from different countries. We want to establish an international network at UFZ and are looking for people who share ideas for nice events.

Starting from May 6th, 2015 we already carried out several events within the frame of our "International Café":

Activities in 2015

Activities in 2016

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Planned activities in 2017:

 21 May: Excursion to our neighbour town Halle

 9 June: Excursion to the former coal mining area of Leipzig

   July: Guided city tour with the urban sociologist Prof. Dieter Rink

   August: Summer BBQ at UFZ (with games, music, dance and some sports activities)

16 - 17 September: Weekend hiking tour in the Saxony Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz)

   October: Movie evening

   November: International evening (Länderabend)

   December: End-of year party

Our next event:

Market place of Halle/Saale
Source: Pixabay

Sunday trip to Halle an der Saale


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