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Prof. Dr. Matthias Liess

Department System Ecotoxicology
UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

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Matthias Liess

I am an ecologist assessing and forecasting effects of toxicants and environmental stressors in aquatic ecosystems.

My interest is the understanding of mechanisms determining the behavior of biological systems. The results obtained are used to provide advice for the risk assessment and management of toxicants. This includes the assessment of long-term effects of low toxicants doses, the development of the SPEAR indicator system and the sustainable control of mosquitos. 

I published my results in 119 ISI listed publications cited 2900 times, h-index 31 (03.2015).


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Recent publication

Becker JM, Liess M 2015. Biotic interactions govern gentic adaptation to toxicants. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 282 (1806): published online.


Diversity prevents resistance.


Dept. of System Ecotoxicology
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04318 Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Matthias Liess
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