Project: Hydrogen Center Saxony (H2-Saxony)

(Proposal-no: 100361842)

The Hydrogen Center Saxony expands the device infrastructure of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ as part of the funding program “Promotion of research infrastructure and research projects in the field of applied public research (InfraPro)”.

H2-Saxony's main goal is to produce H2 directly from water via microbial photosynthesis using sunlight as energy source. This measure is a key support for the energy transition in Germany. In addition, the development of novel biosynthetic pathways is pursued, utilizing reduction equivalents from H2 and/ or water for the production of industrially usable chemicals. A high degree of sustainability in the energy and chemical industries is to be achieved through the production and use of the renewable resource H2 as a milestone towards a future bioeconomy.

With the help of the funding, the establishment of a powerful infrastructure specifically for the research and development on microbial artificial photosynthesis will be pushed. The focus is on the synthesis of hydrogen as a clean energy source of the future with high energy density. The hydrogen center Saxony will be developed into an internationally leading institution in the field of solar biohydrogen production.