Stellen und Doktorarbeiten

Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig Employee (f/m/x) in the area of IT project management
To strengthen the Research Data Management unit at the UFZ, we are looking for a staff member (f/m/x) in the area of IT project management to start as soon as possible.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig Postdoc/Senior Scientist position (m/f/d) - Remote Sensing for Ecohydrology
We are looking for a highly motivated scientist to join the Remote Sensing Department at UFZ Leipzig.
The scientist will apply high-resolution satellite observations and model-data fusion framework to quantify ecohydrological variables like soil moisture, evapotranspiration and its partitioning in transpiration and evaporation, water use efficiency, aiming to better understand the drivers and mechanisms controlling complex interactions between vegetation and hydrologic flows at multiple temporal and spatial scales.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig Personalsachbearbeiter*in (d/m/w)
Sie begeistern sich für den Personalsachbereich, sind ein Organisationstalent und suchen eine abwechslungsreiche Beschäftigung? Bei uns sind Sie genau richtig! Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt suchen wir Unterstützung im Team Personalservice.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD Researcher (f/m/x)
We are looking for a dedicated PhD student to suport our team.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD Researcher (f/m/d)
In the UFZ research unit chemicals in the environment (TB CITE) scientists aim to promote the understanding of molecular responses to environmental impacts that affect environmental and human health
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD Position in Microbial Ecology (f/m/x)
PhD Position in Microbial Ecology: “Spatial assembly in soil microbial communities across scales, land cover, and land use”
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD researcher (m/f/x)
In the UFZ research unit chemicals in the environment (TB CITE) scientists aim to safeguard environmental and human health via understanding what happens to chemicals once they are released into the environment and how chemicals may elucidate adverse biological effects.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig Doktorand*in (d/m/w)
Promotion im Projekt “Harnessing the Innovation Potential of Direct Air Capture and Storage for Reaching CO2-Neutrality (DACStorE)”
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD Researcher (f/m/x)
About QTOX
Chemical risk assessment typically involves extrapolation of effects observed in-vitro and in-vivo under laboratory conditions to predictions of effects at the ecosystem level. This is a very challenging task and current extrapolation models have limitations, notably due to a number of ecological processes that are disregarded by the models and the paucity of data for parameterisation and validation. QTOX will develop mechanistic knowledge and data-efficient modelling tools to bridge the gap between standard toxicity data (typically acute effects of single chemicals) and ecologically relevant endpoints arising from chronic, time variable exposures to chemical mixtures. The results will be achieved through an interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training program in which 10 doctoral candidates will characterise the mechanistic processes describing the successive events from exposure to ecosystem-level effects and develop models for extrapolation of adverse effects across levels of biological organization under environmentally realistic conditions. Notably, the effects of chemical mixtures, dynamic exposure conditions, and their interaction with climate change scenarios will be characterised in a series of mesocosm experiments at three sites in central and southern Europe. The mesocosm work will serve as a uniting training element and a rich source of data for testing and validating the modelling framework. QTOX will produce an open access toolbox for quantitative extrapolations in ecotoxicology and a cohort of researchers equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and develop rigorous approaches for predicting adverse effects of chemicals.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD researcher (m/f/x)
The aim of this project is to develop and apply an effluent-based epidemiological approach based on the screening of substances resulting from exposure to indoor and non-indoor chemicals.
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