Dr. Heinrich Zozmann

M.Sc. Sustainable Development

Thematic Area Environment and Society
Department of Economics
Working Group Social-science Water Research

Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research − UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

phone.: +49 341 6025 1727

H. Zozmann

Research Interests

Heinrich Zozmann is an environmental economist with a focus on quantitative modeling and econometric analysis. As a trained facilitator, he is passionate about participatory and transdisciplinary research.

Heinrich is particularly interested in the intersection between human behavior and sustainable development. Following this interest, he has contributed to various research fields, such as the study of water scarcity, green infrastructure in urban areas, and pandemic management and preparedness.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Career

since 2018

Research Associate at UFZ, Department of Economics

2015 − 2018

Research Assistant at UFZ, Department of Economics, Leipzig University, Chair of Economics, especially Institutional Environmental Economics, in the project "Integrated Analysis of Freshwater Resources Sustainability in Jordan" (Jordan Water Project)

Academic Career

2019 − 2023

PhD in Economics, University of Leipzig

2014 − 2017

Joint International Master in Sustainable Development at the Universities of Leipzig and Utrecht

2010 − 2014

Economic Science (B.Sc.) and Business Education and Management Training (B.Sc.) at Leipzig University