UFZ Journals

Science thrives on exchange of ideas! This is why our renowned scientists not only conduct research, but together with international colleagues, frequently publish articles in ISI-listed journals, often as Editor-in-Chief or as part of the Editorial Board.

Here is a selection of such articles:

Energy, Sustainability and Society

Editor in Chief: Daniela Thrän ( daniela.thraen@ufz.de )

Managing Editor: Dagmar Fiedler ( dagmar.fiedler@ufz.de )
ISSN: 2192-0567
Publisher: Springer

Environmental Earth Sciences

Editor in Chief: Olaf Kolditz ( olaf.kolditz@ufz.de )
Co-Editor: Peter Dietrich ( peter.dietrich@ufz.de )
ISSN: 1866-6280 (print) 1866-6299 (online)
Publisher: Springer

FEMS Microbiology Letters

Editor: Hermann J. Heipieper ( hermann.heipieper@ufz.de )
ISSN: ISSN 0378-1097 (print) 1574-6968 (online)
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Geothermal Energy

Editor in Chief: Haibing Shao ( haibing.shao@ufz.de )
ISSN: 2195-9706
Publisher: Springer

International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Editor in Chief: Helko Borsdorf ( heiko.borsdorf@ufz.de )
ISSN: 1435-6163 (print) 1865-4584 (online)
Publisher: Springer

Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies

Editor in Chief: Gerhard Strauch ( gerhard.strauch@ufz.de )
Co-Editor: Peter Krumbiegel ( peter.krumbiegel@ufz.de )
Editorial Assistant: Heike Reichelt ( heike.reichelt@ufz.de )
ISSN: 1025-6016 (Druck) 1477-2639 (Online)
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Group

Nature + Culture

Editor: Matthias Groß ( matthias.gross@ufz.de )
ISSN: 1558-6073 (print) 1558-5468 (online)
Publisher: Berghahn Books