Experimental Platforms & Observatories

With the help of the experimental platforms, the impact of land use and climate on ecological processes in terrestrial and aquatic systems is studied under controlled conditions at the UFZ. The platforms allow e.g. the simulation of future environmental conditions by manipulating temperature and/or precipitation regimes. From the results, e.g. future scenarios can be developed and modeled.
GCEF in Bad Lauchstädt © André Künzelmann_UFZ
Research Station Bad Lauchstädt

20 scientific experiments on a 43-hectare experimental site.

MOBICOS-Container © André Künzelmann_UFZ
MOBICOS – Experimental container

Research platform consisting of eight mobile, container-based flowing water laboratories.

Fluss-Experiment Leipzig © André Künzelmann_UFZ
River Experiment Leipzig

Worldwide unique test facility with 47 large-scale artificial streams.

In the observatories, in which UFZ scientists are involved, environmental parameters and ecological communities are recorded. Modern instruments and human expertise are used for this purpose. In contrast to the experimental platforms, the objects of study are not manipulated.
Tereno-Obseratorium © André Künzelmann_UFZ

Is a network of four observatories for integrated environmental monitoring in particularly climate-sensitive areas in Germany.

Grafik eLTER
eLTER – European Infrastructure

with several hundred observation areas for long-term observation and research of ecosystems and the "Critical Zone".

MOSES Projekt © Foto André Künzelmann_UFZ
MOSES – Observatory

Mobile and flexible observing system designed to capture highly dynamic, often extreme events.

Our experimental platforms and observatories offer a variety of starting points for future research projects.

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