Working Groups

Group L. Samaniego

Stochastic and Land Surface Hydrology

Luis Samaniego: "Our main focus is on understanding and modeling the complex interaction of land-surface hydrologic processes and their spatial and temporal variability at meso- to macro-scale"

Group S. Attinger

Subsurface Hydrology

Sabine Attinger: "We are concerned with developing computational methods to scale processes in the hydrological cycle. Avoiding heuristically motivated upscaling steps, we propose to develop a systematic multi-scale scheme starting from physically based conservation laws of water and matter fluxes on smallest scales up to conceptual models on terrain scale, in order to close the gap between traditional hydrological modelling and modelling approaches in soil science and groundwater hydrology. "

Group A. Kleidon-Hildebrandt

Terrestrial Ecohydrology

Anke Kleidon-Hildebrandt: "We work at the interface between vegetation and hydrosystem and on the vertical connection between soil and atmosphere. We investigate how vegetation creates hydrological patterns, how those are dampened or reinforced, and derive appropriate aggregate model formulations."

Group S. Thober

Hydro-Scientific Software Development

Stephan Thober: "We develop high-quality software in cooperation with working groups at the UFZ that work in the field of hydrosciences. This means that we maintain and update already existing codes. Furthermore, we enable and implement new projects in close collaboration with researchers."

Group A. Marx

Climate Office for Central Germany

Andreas Marx: "The Climate Office for Central Germany is part of a Helmholtz Climate Office Network. These Regional Climate Offices pool and impart research findings that are of particular relevance for climate-sensitive areas of the region in question."

Group J. Zscheischler

Compound weather and climate events

Jakob Zscheischler: “We unravel how multiple weather and climate process cause large societal and environmental impacts using an array of different methods including statistical modelling, process-based modelling and machine learning.”