Research Groups



Dr. Daniel Doktor

Tel.: +49  341 6025 1943

Our research and activities are lined up in order to assess the impact of climate change and land-use change on vegetation:

  • Deriving Essential Climate and Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV & ECV) using optical-reflective imagery, e.g. phenological metrics, plant productivity or Chlorophyll content
  • Land-use classification, habitat and biodiversity mapping
  • Gathering remotely sensed hyperspectral data incl. setting-up satellite product validation test sites
  • Design of processing chains (of remotely sensed raw data)



Prof. Dr. Jian Peng

Tel: +49 341 6025 482335

 Main research focus:

  • Quantification of hydrological variables (e.g., soil moisture, ET, rainfall)
  • Hydro-climatic extremes and land-atmosphere interactions
  • Multi-source remote sensing data fusion
  • Scaling in remote sensing and uncertainty quantification